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Is your phone running out of battery, or lag because Facebook application running underground continuously? Facebook application consumes a lot of resources and RAM on your device? Do you live on a low-speed Internet connection? There are many reasons for Facebook to create its own “miniaturized” app called Facebook Lite. Facebook Lite was first launched in January 2015, but this is only experimental in some countries. After two years of research and development, users around the globe were able to download and use this official version app. Also, Facebook has launched a new product is Messenger Lite for mobile devices. What salient features of this apps? Please go down to the review to find the answers.

Small size, low resource consumption

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The first impression I can say is the size. Facebook Lite is less than 2 MB in size. You can download and install it quickly on most Android devices. The launch application is also very fast. Along with that, the application consumes very little of your resources and does not run in the background. You will not need to worry about the lag condition, hot machine when used. This is an excellent improvement, extremely suitable for low-end devices and low memory.

Second, Facebook Lite is a great choice when you’re in areas with poor Internet connections. You can still do basic things when using social networking Facebook. It is easy to see that Facebook Lite’s image is blurry, reducing its sharpness and size small more than the regular version. This lets you surf the Newsfeeds smoother even in areas with a limited Internet connection or 2G networks.

Some differences

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The user interface is very poor, not beautiful, as modern as the current version. Also can’t be blamed it because this is Facebook Lite version. The number one goal of the app is to be minimalistic, compact and save as much space as possible to increase download speeds.

Newsfeeds are also minimalist. In addition, Sticker is not supported on this device. Fortunately, Facebook Lite still allows you to insert images into comments, but you can not save images from other people’s comments. One more thing, you can not watch video on Newsfeeds. Whether it’s a user-live video or a YouTube-shared video, the app only recognizes as a regular image, and does not even support viewing with other apps. Facebook Lite also does not support the two-finger zoom feature, which you can zoom only once by double-clicking the image.

The last difference is in the message. It allows you to send messages without using the Messenger app. You can instant message and receive messages. Although you don’t have support for some features, this is nothing compared to the convenience of the application.

Some outstanding features

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  • Message, chat with friends for FREE, create group chats
  • Get notifications when people Like or Comment on photos, your status
  • Share your everyday moments with your friends and family


Overall, though, there are still some things to do, but Facebook Lite is still a great app, suitable for low-end and limited memory devices. You can download Facebook Lite to your phone via the links below the article:

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