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  • Platforms: Android 4.3+
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  • Latest Version: 2.2


PUBG Mobile and Fortnite are two of the most popular mobile survival games at the moment. It is easy to understand because these two games are extremely active both in graphics quality and gameplay, bringing the best experience for players. However, graphics requirements are a familiar issue that a player often encounters. Many of my friends are eager to play this game, but the game’s configuration is too high for their device, so they can not play it smoothly. The status of lag is very common. I tried to find a solution, and I luckily when found Graphics Tool for PUBG.

What features does this app have?

Graphics Tool for PUBG

As you all know, PUBG Mobile’s interface and graphics settings allow gamers to customize the overall graphics and interface quality, not the details. Only custom graphics such as HD, Ultra HD,… but there is no increase or decrease the FPS, aspect ratio,… For professional players, always looking for perfection, this is quite inconvenient. Thus, Graphics Tool for PUBG allows players to have a great deal of control over the interface.

You can customize the aspect ratio to suit your device. FPS is also important, it is related to the strength of your configuration, so adjust the game to run as smoothly as possible. Alternatively, you can turn on / off shadows if you need.

Some minor inconvenience

Currently, the app only supports Android devices. In theory, Graphics Tool for PUBG can work well on Android devices. However, sometimes this application does not work as we would like. If it does not work, click the Repair button in the game, close the game, reopen it and try the application again.

Some users complained that they were stuck on the Tencent logo display. Try clear game data and logging back in. Good luck!

Great tool

You can download Graphics Tool for PUBG and install it quickly via the links below. Moreover, it is free. Is not it great? Oh! Before that, do not forget to install PUBG Mobile!

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