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iOS phones and tablets are almost impossible to change the look of, while Android is open and allows users to customize everything on their phone through the third-party launcher. On this point, Android is more powerful than iOS and Windows Mobile. Currently, there are many different launcher apps on Google Play. Apart from quality and beautiful launchers, there are still quite a few that contain ads, which make the device slow and contain many security risks.

iPhone X has just launched, and certainly many people would like to own the beautiful interface of this phone right on Android instead of having to spend money to buy a new iPhone X. So, using launcher will be the number one solution for all. As I mentioned above, most of the launchers contain ads, so today I will share with you a paid launcher, fast, lightweight, beautiful and absolutely no ads.

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This application is called Launcher for IOS PRO, a product released by Bling Bling Theme, which is a developer focused on enhancing the user experience. For only $ 2, you will have an iPhone X style interface running iOS 11 extremely beautiful and easy to use.

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Launcher for IOS PRO Highlights

  • Launcher for IOS PRO has a huge number of wallpapers, which allows you to customize and change the background of your phone, this wallpaper is extracted from iOS 11, bringing the same feeling as iOS for the user. In addition, 3D effects for the wallpapers is also integrated.
  • The new iOS control center will also appear, allowing you to quickly and easily customize settings such as Wifi on, screen brightness, volume down/up, flashlight on/off and other.
  • The fast search feature lets you search for installed applications, and it’s also a shortcut to quick access to search engines on the Internet.
  • The icons are identical to the iPhone X, such as icons, settings, photos, messages … make you feel like using a real iPhone X.
  • Passcode lock screen simple, easy to use with high security
  • The app does not contain ads at all
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In addition to the above features, according to the Bling Bling Theme, Launcher for IOS PRO applications continue to be developed to bring new features and new experiences for users. Currently, you can spend $ 2 to have one of the most beautiful interfaces for your phone.

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