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  • Platforms: Android 2.3+
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For those who use social networking Facebook, Messenger is an indispensable app. Just a networked device, the application allows users to chat, text with friends comfortably and completely free. However, if your device has an obsolete operating system, is not supported? Do not worry because Facebook has officially released Messenger Lite application. This is a lightweight version of Messenger, suitable for low configuration devices and unstable transmission lines. This application is especially useful for low-traffic countries, where your devices are struggling with massive amounts of data from the official version.

Simple, lightweight

Messenger Lite free call

Messenger Lite is less than 10 MB (about 5.4 MB) in size. It only takes a few minutes to download and install it for free. The app is a great replacement for the official version, which can meet your minimum needs such as sending and receiving messages, sending pictures and video call. Of course, you will not find such features as Stories, Chatbots, … because the application removes features not important.

In Messenger Lite you can message, send pictures, turn notifications off, vibrate on, turn off ringtones. Plus, you can also make free voice or video calls if your device has Wi-Fi connections (otherwise, you’ll still be charged the data). Chatting with your friends, even you can create a group chat. If you want features like nicknames, change chat colors, mini chat or audio message, unfortunately, you should download the official version of Messenger. Thanks to that, the application is accelerated significantly. You can easily recognize this.

Saves space and RAM

Messenger Lite messasging

Messenger Lite runs very efficiently, consumes resources and RAM less. Currently, the software on the market is very modern but at the same time often occupy a lot of space and RAM, causing your phone is often slow, lag even hangs. So, the appearance of Messenger Lite has somewhat helped you solve this problem.

High compatibility

Messenger Lite video chat

Whether you’re using low-end devices or operating systems, Messenger Lite is a great companion for you. The app is compatible with Android 2.3 and above. Great, right? Also, if you use a high-end phone, but you prefer a simple, lightweight software, Messenger Lite is still a great choice.

Main features:

  • You can contact your friends, relatives or anyone using Messenger, Facebook or Facebook Lite. Simple and completely free.
  • If others have a blue mark, they are active. Say hello and start the conversation.
  • Make video calls to a person or group.
  • Share photos through messages.
  • Express your emotions through fun stickers.
  • Search, make friends, chat with anyone from all over the world.

Why do I love Messenger Lite?

Overall, Messenger Lite is a great app, especially for low-end devices. Simple, lightweight but not despicable. Download Messenger Lite for your phone to experience the great features the app brings.

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