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Microsoft Edge is the default browser on Windows 10, replacing the old Internet Explorer. Although still young, the software is appreciated by professionals and users for its speed, simplicity, and stability of it. Suddenly, Microsoft has quietly developed the version of Microsoft Edge for mobile, namely the two operating systems Android and iOS.

Maybe, this is a new step for Microsoft when it comes to mobile. Whether Microsoft Edge is anything special, whether it can do what the Windows version. Don’t know how Edge can compete with Chrome with the number of top users, Firefox with new kernel is extremely fast or a simple Safari? Let’s take a look at the key features of Microsoft Edge mobile version.

Microsoft Edge has been on the App Store and Play Store, Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS do not use EdgeHTML processing system due to the barriers of mobile operating systems, users will not be able to fully use all features. But Edge still offers users the same features as the PC version, such as reading, incognito mode, dark mode, and so on.

Still the Edge interface

microsoft edge

Just like the PC version, Edge for Android and iOS retains a simple interface. The new tab page will be an interesting place for users, integrating a search bar that supports voice search and QR code scans for search on both Bing and Google.

There are so many browsers that integrate so many features that it makes for an interface that is too difficult to use, while most users only need a few simple features. Therefore, Edge will certainly have the user familiar with its simplicity.

Synchronization between PC and Mobile

The first thing that I appreciated from Edge was the ability to sync data between devices. Edge on the PC and Edge on iOS and Android can sync data together, ensuring a seamless workflow, optimizing input, saved passwords and transferring content between PC and mobile thanks to Continue on PC features.

Hub View is also part of this feature. Bookmarks, reading lists, browsing history, etc. will also be synchronized through the Hub View.

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InPrivate fetures

Incognito mode (InPrivate mode) is the expected mode. When browsing in this mode, your browsing data such as history, temporary files, and cookies will not be saved. This helps keep you safe when you do not want anyone to see what you have done in your browser.

Opening and accessing this mode is also quicker and simpler than using a Safari or Chrome mobile version. On Chrome, it takes three steps, and in Safari you have three operations, but you only need one touch to open Incognito mode on your Edge.

Dark mode

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The dark mode allows users to use Edge at night, at this point, the browser will switch the interface to dark, minimizing the effects of light from device to user’s eyes.

Download Microsoft Edge browser for Android & iOS

Hope you enjoy the simplicity, speed, and convenience of Edge. Although this application does not have many options, it has only been tested and still has a very long journey to go, so users can expect for new features in the future.

Currently, Microsoft Edge has not yet officially released globally but has been testing in a limited number of areas. To experience this browser, you can convert the Apple ID account area to the US are using iOS, or download an APK file using Android.

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