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Sarahah is an application project that allows people to send a message to a person as an anonymous form and the recipient does not know who the sender is. Actually, this form is not new, there is another site that also allows anonymous senders to send questions to the recipient named Although Sarahah was born late but changed the trend by supporting users to share the questions they received on social networks like Facebook, Snapchat…

Sarahah is an Arabic word that means is honesty. According to ZainAlabdin Tawfiq, the developer of the application, Sarahah will help people talk about things that are hard to tell you. This application is developed to help you get honest wordings from another people. According to data from Google Play and Appstore, the current number of downloads of this application has reached over 10 million times, the application is also the top 4 of the applications are most interested.

How to use Sarahah?

This is an anonymous messaging application, ie the recipient completely does not know who the sender is. To use this application, you first need to create a free account with an email and password, you will have a unique username like that:

Oh, forget, you first need to download this application to your device (Android or iOS).

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How to create an account

Click New Account to create a new account/

dang ky sarahah 2
Click “New Account” to create account

Enter your account information and select Sign Up

dang ky sarahah
Enter your account information

How to share your Sarahah address with everyone

On your profile page, click the icon for your Sarahah link share. In the window that appears, select Facebook or Snapchat or Instagram….

share link sarahah

How to share Sarahah messages on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram

On the Received page, click on the desired message sharing icon, in the popup box, select Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram.

nhan tin nhan an danh sarahah

And on social network would look like this:

sarahah facebook

About Sarahah

Although this is not the first anonymous messaging app, there have been quite a few apps like Yik Yak, Secret, Whisper and, but the popularity and rapid growth of Sarahah are really no ones dared to think of. With such unexpected success, the creator of Sarahah will probably decide to quit his oil company to develop the app.

It’s clear that anonymous messaging can bring bad feedback from others, so Sarahah is also developing a filtering system of negative words to build a healthy and good community.