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While many people are still skipping the design of the iPhone X and iOS 11, Apple is still selling the product; and even their competitors are learning more about “notch”. This shows that the appeal of the iPhone X and iOS 11 has never been reduced.

Based on the iPhone X interface and the design of iOS 11, Color Theme Store has built and released Android launcher application called X Launcher Prime, help turn Android interface into iPhone, bringing a new experience for people. Why is 1Phut talking about this launcher today? By the compactness, utility and satisfaction from this app.

X Launcher Prime apk

Ads free

The first thing I like about X Launcher Prime APK is that it does not contain ads. You will never experience the status of using the phone, the ads pop up before, giving you peace of mind and comfortable doing whatever you like. There are also some launchers that turn Android into an iPhone, but they contain a lot of ads that slow down your phone and consume battery power.

New control centre

X Launcher Prime apk 2

Next, the new control centre is also what I like. Whether you’re opening a game or application, you can still easily open the control centre to set volume, brightness, Wifi, turn on / off the flash, or turn on the music.

Basically, the control centre is just an arrangement, re-layout from the original Android version, but bring more convenience and science to the user.


X Launcher Prime iphone x

Watch the weather today or this week, and next week on the screen was never as easy as it is now. You can switch to see the weather of different regions of the world.

Also, the widget also lets you quickly view notifications from 3rd party apps like Facebook, Gaana Music or Instagram.

Application management is easy

Unused applications? You can hide them with just one simple operation. Or want to protect, you can set a password for that application.

X Launcher Prime ios 11

In addition, through the drop-down menu, you can easily view recently used applications. You can open them again, or click on the search box to search for anything you want. This feature is designed quite similar to application recommendations on iOS 11.

Variety of backgrounds

If you do not like the background of Android, you can change it to the screen available on iOS. There are thousands of different backgrounds with high resolution and selective quality. If you would like to explore more wallpapers, feel free to experiment.


Overall, I am quite satisfied with X Launcher Prime on the features that this application brings. I also like the similar application called Launcher for IOS PRO, but it has a lot of features and is suitable for people who like deeper customization. X Launcher Prime seems simpler, more compact and suits the majority of users.

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