Fortnite updated v3.5, how to download the game on Android and iOS?

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Surely Fortnite and PUBG are two names that are competing for the top spot in every game rankings today. And while PUBG is focused on developing new maps and blocking the rampant hacking, Fortnite developers are excited to offer new features and items in Battle Royale.


Update 3.5 brings Replay functionality. With this feature, you can capture memorable moments, the outstanding phase of your handling in the game. Not only recording, Replay also allows you to speed up or rewind the moment at different angles. Replay promises to give players the ability to share their video simply and quickly.

50v50 v2 (Battle Royale)

Fortnite Battle Royale 50v50

Besides, what makes the game fans uncomfortable is the launch of 50vs50 in Battle Royale. In that, players will be joined in one of two teams of 50 players and all will clash until one team wins.

Port-a-Fort (Battle Royale)

Port-a-Fort is the new weapon will help you build your own castle in seconds.

Weapons and heroes in Save the World

fortnite Heroes
fortnite weapons

Save the World is less involved by players, but Epic Games is still up to date with new improvements. 4 new heroes and new weapons will make the game more attractive.

What about the Fortnite Battle Royal Mobile?

In addition to fixing bugs, Fortnite’s programmers are also thinking of bringing Fortnite to the Android platform sooner. It may be over a month or so. And when Fortnite for Android is available for all players to download, Fortnite will create a huge fever that PUBG will have to be careful.

Currently, players can access the following link to download Fortnite Mobile for both Android and iOS.

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