Tips to help you survive in Last Day on Earth: Survival

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Last Day on Earth Survival guide guns

Last Day on Earth: Survival is one of the best survival games I’ve ever loved. In this game, you have to create everything yourself. There are lots of people who do not know how to get started because Last Day on Earth: Survival does not have any guidelines for new players. So here are some tips and tricks for newbies like you.

Craft Hatchet, Spear and Pickaxe first

Last Day on Earth Survival guide craft items

There are many things to create, but you are not sure what to create first. Believe me, there are 3 items that you will definitely need in the game, namely Hatchet, Spear and Pickaxe. These tools are the most basic tools, and they are very important to you even further in the game.

Starting with the collection of limestone and pine log, you will gather enough material to create three basic items and thus gather more resources (by cutting down trees, hunting etc.) or kill zombies. They may not be so necessary, but if you want to make your journey easier, they are the best.

Build your base

Last Day on Earth Survival guide base

The base is where you can keep things and avoid zombie attacks, so you should build it as soon as possible. A small house is more than enough in the initial stage, you can expand it later. Be sure to get a Garden Bed and Raincatcher so you do not get hungry & thirsty because even though you will get some food and water daily it may not be enough. Make sure to secure the base by building a fence around it and do not forget to add a door (to be able to go in …)

Explore Alpha Base, Crashed Plane and Army Supply Drops

Last Day on Earth Survival guide crashed plane

After building the base, you can rest assured to explore the new land in the game. Alpha Base, Crashed Plane, or Army Supply Drops are the areas that you should prioritize for exploration, swimming them is the best place to collect valuable materials for you.

The Army Supply Drops are not much to look for, just the usual materials (sometimes precious materials), but in Crashed Plane and Alpha Base (which can come after you get an A card) There are many things that are precious to you, you will have the opportunity to find military clothing or a gun – great things to enhance your protection.

Items not needed? Leave it at the base

You can build a backpack to increase your inventory space, but you should only use it to store items useful to you. Things are not needed so you can take them to your base. Do not throw it away, sometimes you will need them later. This just helps you make your backpack roomier and helps you have more items.

Never bring everything

Last Day on Earth Survival guide inventory

When you die, you will lose everything and start over from scratch, but do not bring all that you have. Split them to store them or keep them all in your bases.

Do not waste your ammo

Last Day on Earth Survival guide guns

You are like me and a lot of other players, the use of guns to kill zombies is very interesting. But I do not encourage you to do so. Instead of using guns to kill single zombies, you should keep your ammo for the larger wales of zombies. With single zombies, only one spear is enough.


Here are some tips that I learned when playing Last Day on Earth: Survival, these tips helped me survive as long as possible in the game. How about you? Are you ready to join and survive in one of the most exciting survival games in the world?

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