How to play Rules of Survival on PC (install & set up keyboards)

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rules of survival on pc

Rules of Survival is the last man standing style game that very attractive. This game is released by Netease Games on both iOS and Android platforms, bringing the player into an island-based war with 120 players at once.

However, there are many Android devices and simulators that are not supported due to obsolete operating systems or hardware. (Specifically, you’ll need an Android 4.0+ device, or iOS 7.0+.) Many players has received the message “Rules of Survival currently does not support emulators” and cannot play this game.

But do not worry, Nox App Player and MEmu 3.6.7, have completely overcome the error “Rules of Survival currently does not support emulators.” If you want to play this game, you can use one of the two simulators on. In this tutorial, I will share how to play Rules of Survival on your PC through the Nox App Player 6 emulator.

How to install & play on PC

Step 1: You need the Nox App Player 6 installer, can learn more about it and download it from this link.

Step 2: Log in to Google Play and find “Rules of Survival,” then install.

Or, if you do not want to sign in to Google Play, you can use the game’s APK file, which you can download here. After downloading the Rules of Survival APK to your computer, simply double-click on the APK file for the game to be installed into the Nox App Player or drag the APK file into the software.

Step 3: Open Nox App Player, at the main interface, click on the icon of Rules of Survival to start the game.

Tips for playing Rules of Survival on PC is smoother

rules of survival pc

First, open the game, select Settings > Operation, change Vehicle Control to Comfort Mode. This helps the game perform better on the emulator.

rules of survival pc 2

Switch to the Advanced section in Settings. Turn off 3DTouch and select Advanced Mode.

Set up Keyboard control in NoxPlayer

This is the most important part, you will have to install the keys on the PC to play Rules of Survival by going to the game, then clicking Keyboard Control in the emulator, close it, then click it again. Chose Rules of Survival from the list and you now have the default settings for gaming. Remember to config before the beginning of the match.

rules of survival pc 3


  • Move (4 keys W, A, S, D)
  • Shoot (left mouse button)
  • Bag (B)
  • Jump (Space)
  • Pick up (Alt)
  • Weapons change (1-2-3)
  • Map (press and hold Caps Lock)

Get familiar with these settings before entering the battle, and of course, you can change these default keys according to your preferences and change the transparency of the virtual keys on the screen. Do not forget to save changes for them to take effect.

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