Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide in WWE Mayhem you should know

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WWE wrestling has come to mobile devices through the extremely attractive like WWE Mayhem game. This game brings you a new experience where you can meet all the favorite WWE superstars like John Cena, The Rock, Brock Lesnar and many other wrestlers.

WWE Mayhem APK is a fast counter-attack game, and there is no place for any mistakes in the shots. So, you should learn through the tactics, tips, and cheats in WWE Mayhem.

Do not brute force attack when the opponent is on the defensive

In WWE Mayhem, when your opponent is blocking, you should not try to attack especially do not launch the continuous combo. Because when you release constant combos, you will soon be physically exhausted while the attacks do not damage your opponent because they are blocking.

Be calm, just launch some single punch and wait until you see your opponent lowering the defense. At this point, you should start the combo continuously to make the enemy dizzy and help you quickly end the game.

Remember that when the opponent rolls out a fist, try to move to the defensive. And when he attacks you unsuccessfully, this is the time you can take advantage of the counterattack.

Remember the class circle

Each wrestler in WWE Mayhem belongs to one of six classes, each of which mates each other (meaning that one class can defeat another and be defeated by another. Such as the Brawlers defeating the Wildcards, Wildcards defeat Technicians, Technicians defeat Powerhouses, Powerhouses defeat High Fliers, High Fliers defeat Showmen, and Showmen defeat Brawlers …).

Follow these rules, so choose the wrestlers that have a slight advantage over the stats before you enter the game. Often, the game automatically selects the most suitable wrestler for the match. Or if there are no suitable wrestlers, you should choose a wrestler who is not too weak.

Move at the right time

When at a moderate distance, your wrestling can deliver special skills. Instead of randomizing, move and attack deliberately in a certain sequence to maximize the effect of these special skills.

Synergies the superstars properly

When you build your wrestling team, you need to learn about the opponent’s character classes. Also, keep in mind one thing is that there are some superstars when synergies with another group of superstars that will get stronger attributes.

For example, AJ Styles teamed up with Kevin Owens. When both teams are on the same team, each superstar in the team has a 5% higher winning rate. Synergies superstars can really help bring power to your team.

The end

That is all the cheats, tips and tricks that you want to know before you play this extremely attractive game. If you have other tips or tricks, please share it with others through the comments section.

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