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AIIA Dragon Ark

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Aiia: Dragon Ark is an action RPG. Overall, I can see Aiia: Dragon Ark has many similarities to other role-playing games in the world. Still, a game of cutting-edge familiar, fast rhythm with 3D graphics simulate the world of fairy picturesque, all made a very attractive game. However, the publisher CLGamez also gives players countless new features. If you are a fan of action games like Devilian of Gamevil or Nexon. There are no reasons for you to skip this game.


Aiia: Dragon Ark is an MMORPG in real-time. Join with Arma in the colorful fairy world, where there is a long battle between the gods and the barbarian monsters. The future of the Fairy Tale is seriously threatened. As a warrior, you have to fight to destroy the root of the monsters, bring peace to the whole land.

Character classes

AIIA Dragon Ark 5

Entering the game, you have to choose a character from one of Aiia’s three characters is Dria, Khan, Leona. Each type of character gives you a completely different experience. You will experience a plot-oriented phase, as well as basic combat mechanics to get familiar with the game. Use the virtual navigation key on the left side of your screen to navigate. The right side of the screen will be the ones that you can use for your character. Move and fight as instructed to complete Aiia’s missions through which you’ll be able to open up the storyline and countless unique features.

You will like

AIIA Dragon Ark 2

Conquering more than 100 floors of the tower is equivalent to more than 100 challenges that you will need to experience in the Leo Tower mode. Besides, Aiia: Dragon Ark also owns a series of attractive Boss stages where the terrible monsters are waiting for you. Disapparate and bring back rare items and inventory. Aiia’s equipment system: Dragon Ark is extremely diverse. In particular, you can maximize your character power through the Pet system. Attending a support animal will help you a lot in the battle process. Take part in real-time battle battles with gamers around the world. Challenge them and show them your skill.

In addition to the attractive gameplay mode, Aiia: Dragon Ark also owns the Guild System to help you unite your friends, creating the most powerful community in the world. Aiia: Dragon Ark. Exchange, make friends with friends around the world. Aiia: Dragon Ark also allows players to leave the combat in Auto-beat mode, help your character find the monster and fight themselves. This is a mode that is very suitable for those who like to play while working so that the game is not interrupted. And especially suitable for those who love to play but lazy like himself.

AIIA Dragon Ark fight

If you are confident enough, join other players and defeat the boss and get special items. Up to 100 floors in this challenging tower.

Design and graphics

One of the highlights of the game I saw was in the graphics. Beautiful 3D graphics, the dream fairy world, beautiful characters with the extremely sexy shape. Based on the Unreal Engine 4 technology, the game simulates a top-down camera that makes the gameplay battle even more authentic.

AIIA Dragon Ark 3


Although it has only been released for testing, Aiia: Dragon Ark has achieved some small success of its own when this game has resonated to many countries around the world. If you like this role-playing game, you can download it via the links below (APK file and Play Store are available).

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