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Skiing is a sport that appears quite early. This game is very popular in countries with cold winters. We often see familiar images of athletes wearing thick, warm clothes displaying artistic ski slopes from towering snow mountains. This is an annual event indispensable for every winter occasion.

Snow appears in the summer was a rare event. What about skiing in the summer? It sounds unreasonable, but everything is possible in Alto’s Odyssey. The unique product of Snowman will bring you to a completely new experience never have before.

Funny subject

Altos Odyssey theme

In this game, you become a super skier. Your dream is to adventure all over the world with your skateboard. And the next place you need to conquer is the arid deserts, where there are harsh climates, only cacti, rocks can survive. Moreover, skiing on the sand is very dangerous. Nobody dares to do this before. Can you help this guy complete his adventures?

Note that you should not try this in real life. Just play in the game.

How to play

Altos Odyssey character

Alto’s Odyssey is similar to a terrain-based racing game like Mad Skills BMX 2. It uses the game’s virtual keyboard to steer the athlete forward. The game design a lot of obstacles on the road as a big rock, balloon, cactus, … and more. You must use clever, reflective ability to avoid obstacles, go as far as possible. Touch the device screen to control the character jumping. If you landed incorrectly, your character will be injured and the game will end.

The game has Endless Run gameplay, meaning you have to go as far as possible to set the scoring record. The further you go, the more points you score. You go on more, go more until stumble only. Along the way, don’t forget to collect the items that the game offers. Gold coins for you to buy equipment, flowers to help you have protection shield in a short period of time, the magnet to collect gold coins more easily. Besides, Alto’s Odyssey is much more for you to explore. The gold coins are often in places where there are many obstacles, so the collection is relatively difficult. However, with super athletes, nothing is impossible.

In addition to the move, you can perform technical acrobatics in this game. Show off your skillfulness in skiing. The acrobatic technique gives you some pretty big points, contributing to the scoring record. You can show your scores to friends through social networks. Use the gold coins to buy other characters in the game as Paz, Izel, … even the camel named Felipe.


Altos Odyssey gameplay

Overall, Alto’s Odyssey graphics are quite simple. The 2D design is gentle, intuitive, and the scenery in the game is simulated in harmony. Not sophisticated but its attractive player. Even in the midst of a hot desert, you still wear winter clothes, looking very funny. Each time you play, you experience a different landscape, creating diversity, not boring. In addition, the scene changes over time, from day to night, creating the most realistic feeling for the player. When playing Alto’s Odyssey I feel the atmosphere is similar to the game Ninja theme, dark and mystery. Sound effects are also quite fun, exciting.


This game is very suitable for entertaining players, killing time. This is an indispensable game for you when I have free time. Certainly, with the classic design, Alto’s Odyssey is hardly comparable to other games on the market, but the game is enough to please you for its fun. Currently, the game only supports the iOS version, so the Android fans have to wait for a time to be able to experience this game.

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