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Animus – Stand Alone is a role-playing game in the typical edge style of an RPG. Under the development of the publisher of 10Birds, this game is creating a new gaming trend on the mobile platform. Outstanding graphics and outstanding gameplay and hand-to-hand combat, this game has thousands of searches and downloads every day around the world.

This game will take you to a world of the ruin, where the existence is only for the most powerful warriors. If you’ve ever played games such as Bloodborne on the PlayStation 4 or the famous Dark Souls action game, then there’s no reason why you can ignore Animus – Stand Alone. At present, the game has officially supported both iOS and Android, please download Animus – Stand Alone on the machine to easily experience the attractive game.


The first thing to mention when writing an RPG review is the storyline of the game. And when I write the review of Animus – Stand Alone. The game appears before the eyes is a large ancient world, wild and somewhat cold. Animus – Stand Alone will allow players to enjoy a video introducing the plot, the legend of wandering warriors, solitary fight against the monstrous monster. The world in Animus – Stand Alone has an extremely dark atmosphere, heavy, full of lies and deception. Here, everything just wants to take your life, including the winds through.

The publisher is very delicate for giving the player the feel as being in a giant prison, no way out. There are still strong warriors, fighting with the wicked, the monsters to free people from this terrible world. Scorpios, black knights or giant mercenaries are waiting for you.

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What’s new in Animus – Stand Alone’s gameplay?

After the splendid introduction, it’s time to talk about the main part of the game. Animus – Stand Alone is built in the ARPG style, this is a classic role-playing game that combines a bit of strategy. Entering the game, you will control the protagonist of the game moving and fighting with anyone who dares to touch you. Dress up the mysterious black armor, hold the sword of the legendary warrior and a shield full of traces, you are ready for the conquest?

I see the main task of the game is mainly moving, fighting on the mission to open the storyline and collect the spoils. It’s pretty much the same as most other RPGs, and it’s not that big. However, these missions are divided into many levels, and you have to deal with many enemies and terrible bosses.

You will experience five levels: Dawn, Midday, Dusk 1 to Duck 3 (Day 1 to Day 5), 3 different endings (Dawn, Midday, Dusk) and 24 exciting main missions. You will have about 5 to 10 minutes to complete each task. Not only that, Animus – Stand Alone series full of side quests and hundreds of stages with the Buffalo Boss, bloody and big damage for you to be comfortable to show your skills. The higher your power, the stronger the Boss. In Animus – Stand Alone, adapt or die. Only one mistake will cost you your life.

Animus Stand Alone 2


The weapon system in Animus – Stand Alone is also very diverse. Fight, complete the task to get gold to help you buy the weapons you need. Also, you can collect materials to forge weapons in the game’s weaponry system. Each weapon in the game has its own strengths and weaknesses. Unlike some other games, weapons differ only in strength, when using spears you will feel completely different using the sword in Animus – Stand Alone.

Animus Stand Alone

What does the graphics platform have?

The biggest plus of the Animus – Stand Alone as I see it is the graphics. The feeling for this game is that it looks like Assassin’s Creed. Beautiful 3D graphics and modern technology have helped Animus – Stand Alone to be real to every detail.

I could feel that the wind is blowing through the character, even the sunlight effect on the armor. In addition, the sound effects in the game cannot be impeccable. The sound of the wind blowing, the scream of the enemy when attacked or the impact of the metal also make the battle in Animus – Stand Alone depth.

Is Animus – Stand Alone worth to download and experience?

When playing Animus – Stand Alone I just thought I was playing a high-definition PC game, not a game on the phone. This game is full of what an RPG should have. The experience on the iPad shows that the game is quite smooth and well exploited the power of mobile devices.

Do not let you have to wait long, download link Animus – Stand Alone at the bottom ready to download. Currently only the App Store link of the game only. You need to add another download link, please tell me.

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