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Apocalypse Max cover

App Details

  • Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1+ iOS 4.3+
  • Price: Android (free), iOS ($3.99)
  • Size: 25M
  • Latest Version: 0.55


Imagine one day, the world undergoes a zombie epidemic and you are the only one alive. That sounds horrible, and you should feel lucky that you are not Max – the main character in this game. The game of the publisher Wandake quickly attracted the attention of a large number of players and soon became one of the best zombies game on mobile. Needless to say more, let review Apocalypse Max.

Graphics are not too horror

Apocalypse Max graphics

This game has a relatively different design than the other games of the same genre. If Last Day on Earth depicts a dark, desolate backdrop of the world after the catastrophe, Apocalypse Max chooses a bright, colorful based on the 2D platform. However, do not confuse it with a childish game because the violent nature of the game does not decrease, especially when the protagonist uses the sword to cut the zombies in half. Therefore, it is not surprising that the game is limited to ages 12 and up.

The game is quite hard

Apocalypse Max gameplay

Apocalypse Max is a platformer game. The whole game revolves around repetitive tasks such as killing zombies, collecting equipment, completing missions and then progressing to the next level. You will have to fight survival, adventure through 9 different lands of Hellthroat. The battlefield is constantly changing, ensuring maximum you will not encounter duplication.

This game brings a sense of suspense, fear when the zombies constantly pulling to find living creatures to eat, spread the virus. Only the skills and ability to fight constantly ceaseless help you overcome all dangers, return to your family. Only one mistake, you can pay with life and have to play again from the beginning.

Zombies are divided into 16 different types, corresponding they can endanger you in many different ways. Don’t be afraid! This game is a combination of two types of hack-n-slash and shoot-em-up on the horizontal screen. Take part in this fascinating war, rescuing humanity from the hideous zombies.

Control system

Apocalypse Max gameplay 1
  • The virtual keys on the left of the screen let you control the character moves.
  • J key: Control Max jump, press repeatedly to jump higher.
  • G key: Throw grenades.
  • Attack: Use weapons to attack enemies.
  • Swapping weapons.

Unlock new weapons

Apocalypse Max weapons

The balance game is quite good at fighting and collecting coins on the same journey. Coins will help you unlock a variety of weapons to blow away the creepy zombies. There is a little trick when playing Apocalypse Max: the sword that the game offers to you also has a great deal of damage, you can use it effectively to save ammunition for the gun. When zombies are overcrowded, a grenade will be a good idea.


I do not know for what reason, I downloaded Apocalypse Max to try it and I was completely addicted. This game is really fun, suitable for entertaining after a tiring day. This article is not complete, you can experience the most perfect by downloading the game and participate in the fight against zombies.

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