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After a long wait, Armored Warfare: Assault is finally in the hands of the gaming community around the world. I have to come up here to update for you. team released the game in conjunction with developer Pushkin Game Studio. Compared to previous tank game titles such as World of Tank Blitz and TankZone, Armored Warfare: Assault has many similarities, even surpassing graphics and gameplay. Perhaps due to late birth, so the game is upgraded quality is also understandable. The game supports both Android and iOS platforms, making it easy for players to install and enjoy the game.

High-quality design

Armored Warfare Assault 4

As you can see, the graphics of the game is extremely impressive. The use of 3D graphics platform combined with the platform Unreal Engine 4 technology has created the background as well as the most real to the player. Also, explosive effects are also emulated. You will see all kinds of battlefields, from the desert, the military base to the snow and ice. In particular, with the multi-dimensional camera system, players are immersed in the battle with many different angles. When I play, I think like in the world of Armored Warfare: Assault, because everything is so realistic, eye-catching.

The war is not over

Armored Warfare Assault apk

Featuring a pure action role-playing game, Armored Warfare: Assault takes players to fierce battlefields. This is where the battle tanks top. You have to control the fighting machines that are specialized heavy tanks, shelling all enemies on the map, taking over important points. On the contrary, if you let the enemy do the same, you will be the loser. Virtual visualization of the game makes it easy to familiarize yourself with the control of the tank without spending too much time.

Armored Warfare: Assault focuses mainly on real-time PvP. By asking the player to connect to the internet, the game will pair you with any player on the system to start a battle. Currently, the game has two main modes: 3v3 and 8v8. As far as I see, Armored Warfare: Assault is somewhat similar to the current MOBA hit games. Start a battle with the tank you own, control this tank out of the battlefield. With every match, this game will give you some tasks like destroying enemies, robbing resources, occupying points or rescues designated targets. These tasks have created the multiplicity of gameplay. Of course, the enemy will not let you easily accomplish your task to win. You must destroy all of them to take important positions on the map.

Armored Warfare Assault 3

What if you were shot dead? Do not hurry, because, in this game, the network number is unlimited. You will be resurrected at the moment until the battle is over. Fight hard to win the whole team. You kill more enemies, gaining more and more points, the more powerful your team members are. Besides, the strength of tanks is also increasing over time. Make the most of your strengths and enemies to avoid unequal clashes. According to yourself, when playing you should be cleverly hiding, watching the correct shot and attacking the enemy to easily kill them neatly. With your teammates winning, climb to the top of the glory. Do not forget to pick up items on the way to heal as well as gain strength in a short time. Especially on the map is the design of gas tanks or explosives everywhere. Shoots them to create fatal explosions, causing the most unexpected deaths of the enemy. So watch out for Armored Warfare: Assault.

More than 80 different tanks

Armored Warfare Assault apk 2

The game has a huge tank system. There are over 80 different types of tanks, carrying the design and strength of many countries. There is strong firepower, defence, speed, … and much more. You are free to choose one of the tanks to suit your style as well as play. In addition, you can upgrade your tank with the amount earned after each battle. This will maximize the power of your tank against enemy attacks.

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