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Art of Conquest (AoC) is a product of Lilith Games – the creator of Heroes of Tactics, promising to be the most worthy mobile game title in 2017.

The MMORTS genre has always received the attention of gamers around the world. Interesting gameplay and unique strategies are what make this game different from the rest. However, the MMORTS market seems to be saturated and makes it difficult for any game to crash. So what has changed the Art of Conquest to be one of the most exciting and challenging games of the year?

Art of Conquest graphics


First of all, Art of Conquest is not just a simple strategy game. Entering the game, players like to go into a miniature world. There are dozens of scenery that appear in the six kingdoms of the game. It could be a lush prairie or snow-capped peaks; a cemetery or a busy city. All this makes the animation of this MMORTS.

This is not all that is most noticeable in graphics. We want to mention here is the diversity of characters. Gamers can meet various types of monsters, obstacles and enemy troops. Besides, the fighting effects of the game are also meticulously elaborate. Players will have a relatively broad view, quite similar to the MOBA genre game. With this viewpoint, players can easily observe, control their troops fighting and see each attacking movement of the characters. This helps the player get the proper deployment position, the proper adjustment in combat.

Detailed instructions


As a new game launch, the most important thing is the instructions with the player. Coming to Art of Conquest, players will be guided very details. How to choose a hero, choose the leader to choose which kingdom to suit you. All these things are noted by the manufacturer to the maximum. So, as a “newbie”, you can still approach the game in a fairly simple way.

In addition, you will be given instructions on how to overcome obstacles, deploy appropriate troops, use your skills and upgrade your Hero. At the same time, Art of Conquest introduces you to tips and strategies to quickly win the battle.

Character system


Art of Conquest consists of 5 classes of characters, from which you can choose the character you want. There are 20 heroes throughout the game with unique skill sets. If you use these skills properly, you will overwhelm the opponent and easily win. There are also many other units like warriors and soldiers that can be used to assist your hero in battle.

With Art of Conquest, you will start by choosing one of the three heroes given. Of course, every hero will be unlocked for a certain skill. This Hero will be the first brick to start your army. Every time you level up, new skills will be unlocked for you to use. Of course, these skills are stronger later on. So basically, you need to use the right skills to get the most out of it. Also, do not worry about having to use a hero again. During the game, you will collect more heroes, provided you win.



For the majority of MMORTS, you go to the game, plug in the move, attack the enemy. But for the Art of Conquest is completely different. This game requires quite a high level of ability to combine different personal skills. You will have to choose heroes and build the army or associate with the allies. In addition, this game requires high tactical thinking, especially the deployment of troops when encountering enemies. And as mentioned above, you also have to think of the use of heroes skills so that it is reasonable.

So how to deploy the army? You will have to select the tags containing the army you want to deploy, then select the hero to start the attack. However, the space you can place the game is quite limited. So think carefully before making a decision. And of course, you can take advantage of the help of your allied troops.

In addition, Art of Conquest works as an MMO adventure. You challenge other gamers to weaken opponents while collecting your own spoils. The cross-interaction of this genre has brought the Art of Conquest far beyond any other kingdom building game.

Art of Conquest has a huge size map that players’ characters can explore in an effort to find new resources, new units, defeat enemy units to win trophies…, and much more. These trophies will help you to consolidate your army’s damage after fighting enemies. And to avoid boring, the Art of Conquest allows you to change the kingdom or the allies … More specifically, there will be large guilds for you to join in. Would it be interesting to experience guild battles ?!



The effort of Lilith Games is notable, Art of Conquest will surely satisfy gamers who prefer tactical games. The reviews on the prestigious game page to score up to 8.5 with a score of 10. The review also highly appreciated the mutability of this game. The Art of Conquest is currently being released for free. You can download for both Android and iOS platforms through the link below. However, pay attention to the minimum configuration requirements.

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