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  • Platforms: Android 4.1+ iOS 7.8+
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  • Latest Version: 16.6.2


Aura Kingdom is a popular MMORPG game on PC around 2013. The game quickly attracts enormous numbers of players around the world. Taiwan publisher of X-Legend Entertainment, the father of Aura Kingdom, has officially released a mobile version of the popular game called Aura Kingdom Mobile. You can download games for free on both iOS and Android. Are you ready to take on the fight between angels and demons in the Aura Kingdom Mobile world?

Fairy tales

Aura Kingdom Mobile story

The game remains the same as the original version. Goddess of the Gaia kingdom, who gave the kingdom a peaceful and prosperous life. However, the dark forces are composed of many monsters, led by Shadow Knight appeared to destroy Gaia. You are an Envoys Knight of the Gaia world, you and the Eidolon fight the Shadow Knight, protecting Gaia from danger.


Aura Kingdom Mobile gameplay

In Aura Kingdom Mobile, you are a powerful knight. You are on a dangerous journey, across vast forests, ancient fortresses to destroy monsters. They are everywhere, always ready to wait for brave men to come near. At some first level, you will have a lot of difficulty in fighting them. However, do not be discouraged. Continuing your journey, you will stronger over time.

I think the control system of the game very simple. Whether you are a beginner or a longtime player, it doesn’t matter. The fighting style and movement of the game are quite similar to other similar games. The virtual joystick system is visually designed, interacting well with the player. In particular, Aura Kingdom Mobile supports players auto move to places where the game requires, help you to spend less time finding the way. If you want, you can activate the Auto Attack feature, your character will automatically find weaker opponents to destroy. This feature is very suitable for lazy players like me, who love playing while doing other work.

Characters system & Eidolon

Aura Kingdom Mobile hero

When I look at the character system of the game, I was completely stunned. Aura Kingdom Mobile has over 100 characters, arranged in 8 different classes. These include Harp, Dual Gunslingers, Magic Book, Dual Blades, Great Ax, Staff, Cannon and Swords and Shield. If you like to own powerful skills, choose Staff. If you like a fighter, choose Swords and Shield.

Also, the most impressive thing about Aura Kingdom Mobile is the Eidolon system. On the journey, you can collect 70 kinds of pets. They will help you fight on the battlefield as well as help you move faster. Some pets give you tremendous power as HP buff or mana buff.


Aura Kingdom Mobile modes

The game has 100 levels to conquer. At some level, you will have to clash with bosses with tremendous power. Dungeons of Aura Kingdom Mobile is very special. You can combine with other players, conquer the Boss earn a lot of rare equipment.

Besides, Aura Kingdom Mobile has many other modes such as PvP, Tag Team Tournament, Raid Instances and GVG Tournament duels awaiting you to explore. Features like fishing, mining … are also very interesting.


Aura Kingdom Mobile graphics

Besides the featured gameplay, I am extremely impressed with the graphics of the game. Designed with 3D graphics combined with Japanese Anime style, everything in the game appears in front of you extremely beautiful. Gaia world, huge monsters, thousand-year-old trees, … you can experience all in Aura Kingdom Mobile.

In general

Aura Kingdom Mobile is a great game both in gameplay and graphics. The game takes you to the battle between angels and demons. Download the game now via the links below the article:

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