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2018 is a year of survival game when a number of survival games launch and dominate the mobile gaming market. If you play games such as PUBG Mobile or Fortnite Battle Royale for a long time and start to feel bored, let try playing a new game. AXE.IO is Crescent Moon’s newest survival game. In most cases, IO games are usually minimalist in graphics, but this game is an exception, giving you another experience.

Battle of the Vikings


After seeing the name, you can also guess that the game is centred around the axes. That right! This game takes you to the time machine, back in the medieval times. AXE.IO‘s gameplay style is similar to other survival games, which means takes you and 49 other players to an island, then you have to do everything to be the last survivor. If in Fortnite, your weapon is a modern machine gun, grenade,… but in this game, you can only use the axe or sword.

How to play and some tips


You can imagine the way AXE.IO played like Olaf in League of Legends. You must try to throw the axe right in the opponent to kill them, then you need to continue to pick up the axe if you want to throw next. Be careful because the enemy can pick up your axe and return to counterattack, which makes the battle in the game becomes very interesting rather than you hiding a place to shoot. You should pay attention to the minimap as it helps you to have a comprehensive view of the map and also shows where there are items (marked with yellow dots). Be careful when you get there because other players have the same purpose with you.

To throw more accurately, you should get close to your opponent as much as possible, but this can be a double-edged sword because the enemy is also easier to attack. Or you can try this funny combo, rolling around from hiding and then make a surprise opponent with an axe flying to their face. Basically, the game is just about dodging and throwing, you have to try to avoid the enemy’s axe and throw your axe correctly.

You can unlock the shield at level 2. It will help you defend an enemy’s attack before disappearing. Then, when you reach level 5 you can own it again. Especially, in a certain stage of the game, all players will enter the “crazy” state, continuously throwing axes without having to pick up the axe.

Unlock new characters

The battle in AXE.IO is very fast and very brutal. You will wonder what the coins are scattered on the map do? They help you unlock the characters in the game. The game has 16 different characters are divided into four classes, including Hunter, Knight, Thief, Warrior.

Together kill the Dragon!


If you are tired of killing other players, go with them to destroy the giant fire dragons in AXE.IO. It has the power of destruction, you will surely die if it spitting fire. You have to be very clever, hide behind the walls and wait after they spitfire to attack. After you kill them, you and everyone will receive a lot of valuable gifts.



I have to give praise to the publisher Crescent Moon because the graphics of this game is great. The graphics are based on 3D platform look very real. Characters dressed in medieval Viking costumes, moving quite smoothly. Camera viewed from above gives you an overall view, though it reduces reality, it makes the game even simpler and easier to play.

Why do I like AXE.IO?

In general, AXE.IO is a unique and new survival game, promising to bring you the most relaxing moment. The game is perfect for playing with friends on weekends. Currently, the new game is only for iOS.

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