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AyoDance Mobile

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  • Platforms: Android 4.1+ iOS 8.0+
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  • Size: 150 MB


Are you a music lover? Want to enjoy yourself in the vibrant music and crazy atmosphere? Do you like to dance with the handsome guy or the beautiful girl in the colorful but not confident enough? Then let AyoDance Mobile help your dream come true.

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Like popular music games such as Audition, Au Mobile… AyoDance Mobile gives gamers the hottest music atmosphere. The game has quickly attracted hundreds of thousands of players since the publisher MEGAXUS decided to put this product on the shelf. At the begin, AyoDance Mobile will only support the Android operating system, but until now it has added the iOS version and allows users to download completely free. Download AyoDance Mobile now to enjoy the hottest music parties.

Immerse yourself in music

As the name of the game, your mission in AyoDance Mobile is simply to participate in the dance floor, the prom and become the master of the stage. Put on fashionable dresses, gorgeous dresses or fashionable suits … step onto the stage and stir the crowd. AyoDance Mobile is a playground that lets you express anything you want. Are you a shy person, lacking confidence in crowded places? But in AyoDance Mobile you can become anyone, from the dancing queen to the world’s top music stars.

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When entering the game, you are given one of two male or female characters. AyoDance Mobile has similar gameplay to other music games. In the game, click on the arrows that the game gives you, and then when waiting for the arrow in the “Touch here” to fall into the yellow, you press next to jump to the next step. The more accurate you are, the more points you will have with which your character will dance the most skillful dance moves. Conversely, if you do something wrong, your character will not do anything, and you will not get points from the game. Earn combo continuously, the game will provide a Showtime. This is a bonus point where you can dance without worrying about missing a beat.

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If you love fashion, you can not ignore AyoDance Mobile. The game has clothes, dresses, dresses, shoes, .. and a variety of beautiful shimmering accessories. More specifically, you can customize the character you choose. Customize your hair, eye color, face, nose, etc. to help you create your own fashion style. Go through the dance steps to help you get some money to buy your own costumes. However, some level requirements can be acquired. Please note this when playing.

And the indispensable part is the music. AyoDance Mobile owns the hottest songs of all the charts in all countries. You can experience full of crazy EDM, exciting Kpop songs or romantic Ballads. Relax your soul with dances and melodious melodies.

More game modes

Beside the default dance mode, the game also has other attractive modes such as Jumping in pairs, Club Dance or Wedding Dance. Get acquainted, make friends and pair with friends around the world. Possibly, there will be many real love stories after the love story in this game. Join and make memories unforgettable in AyoDance Mobile.

AyoDance Mobile


The graphics of the game give you special feelings that you can hardly find in any other game. The characters are beautifully shaped and gorgeous, becoming the focus of attention. Beautiful girls and attractive boys in the game make you love at first sight. Multi-dimensional gaming space lets you feel like you are in a gala, real dance floor.

Is AyoDance Mobile worth playing?

Audition has long been a legend. And the arrival of AyoDance Mobile brought the legend to the mobile platform. Are you ready for this exciting party? Download AyoDance Mobile now via the links below.

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