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Recently, Frogmind officially introduced their latest game called Brawl Stars. This is the latest product after the success of Clash of Clans, Hay Day or recently Clash Royale. Supercell also developed the Badland game franchise through two Badland and Badland 2 versions, creating a unique “universe” with bizarre creatures.

Tactical gameplay

Badland Brawl

This is a tactical mixed-race game. Its play style is quite similar to Clash Royale when it is a game with 3vs3. You will be teaming up with two other players against three other players from around the world.

There are four modes of play: Bounty (the team that gets the most stars at the end of the game wins), Smash & Grab (collect the Crystals from the center of the map, the group that reaches 10 Crystals will win), Heist a type of antagonism) and Showdown (this special mode is 10 players falling into a map, the last survivor will win).

Brawlers System

Badland Brawl 4

During the battle, you will use your own power cards (called Brawlers), which are used for a particular type of unit, either defensive or offensive suicide cards can also be engraved or interact with each other extremely interesting, for example, you can make enemy lines automatically return to the shooter when choosing the right shot or bullet type appropriate.

Each type of army will consist of different skills to suit your tactics. The interesting part of the game is that you will use the “card” by “shot” similar to Angry Birds game series. That means you need to add a few skills to get a better game thanks to the proper shot “shot” of yourself.


Badland Brawl 3

The design of this game brings the extreme humour and funny images of the character world in Badland. It is fun to shoot yourself and use your army to destroy the enemy’s main house.

The game has a top-down perspective and shooter style, so first look at the feel of this game … Contra (In Contra also has a unique vertical screen) combined with MOBA in League of Legends or DotA. There is also a … Bomberman in it.

A free game worthy of a try

Badland Brawl 2

As with previous games, Brawl Stars is also free to download and play, but some items you have to buy with real money. The game also has a mode for you to play against your friends. Through the Brawl Stars live stream shows that the battle in the game is very interesting and attractive Clash Royale.

There is no official release date, but it looks like the game will launch soft-launch in Canada, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Israel, Thailand and the Philippines. The game supports both Android and iOS. You can download this game and experience it first.

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