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A brand new real-time multi-player IO mobile game, BarbarQ, has just launched globally. Developed and published by Electronic Soul, this game also received the global feature on App Store. Electronic Soul is the new name in the field of game development which has obtained the success in the first game. This has a unique concept of the 3v3v3 match in which we will be fighting with another three people tag team but with two teams. It means that will be fighting against six opponents which makes the gaming experience more enjoyable.

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BarbarQ is featured by pixel art style and savage characters, it offers 6-minute real-time battle in different modes – BarbarQ Arena, Dark Adventure and Traffic free AI mode. You can enjoy the game with your friends or just make yourself better through AI mode. Enter the battle and fight with other savages all around the world.


The first introduced and exclusive 3v3v3 group fighting mode allows you to ally with other two savages and battle against other two teams.Increasing your level is possible by taking mushrooms in this game. The pixel art design adds more fun to the game. BarbarQ also cooperated with Rage Comic to allow players to communicate with emoji which makes the match more enjoyable.Unlike other MOBA game, which could be 15 minutes or even more, BarbarQ wants to bring both quickie and thrilling battle experience to players.



As the game starts, you need to start collecting mushrooms so that you get your power increased with various battle skills. You can collect various extra weapons with you like hammer, rocket etc. which gives you a higher advantage during the fight and deals a huge amount of damage. You can talk with your friends while playing. A monster is available which provides you with more increase in level faster than others just running for mushrooms. You get to enter the beast mode which deals an insane amount of damage and can wreck many enemies alone.

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There is no need of waiting in this game after getting killed because after death there is immediate re-spawn which doesn’t kills the enjoyment of playing rather than watching others play after death. You chat with your friends easily without any problem so that you can win the game with the strategy because like all other MOBA games it also requires teamwork because roaming alone might not be the good choice if six opponents are after you to hunt you down…


Battle Skills

There are many types of battle skills which you can use according to too your wish either defensive or offensive. Only five battle skills can be chosen. After the battle skills are chosen, then the skills are made a build which makes us more powerful.



As I have tried this game myself, I highly recommend you to try this out I bet you will be satisfied with it. Playing with friends makes this game more enjoyable rather than just playing alone. You get rewarded after every match according to your position on the match and also you will be provided with daily gifts and rewards for completing quests.

However, with the current version, many gamers still feel unsatisfied by the game modes, characters and equipment are not too diverse, expecting that BarbarQ APK will be updated soon on the coming version. The game supports both Android and iOS platforms; you can download the game via the links below:

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  • BarbarQ for Android APK v1.0.42
  • Google PlayApp Store