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The great game ever, now officially appear in the mobile game market. The game I want to introduce to you today is called Battle Boom by FourThirtyThree. The game is free to download for both iOS and Android operating systems. I feel the game is somewhat similar Clash Royale of Supercell, but the game is much better in both gameplay and graphics. Are you ready to engage in bomb wars?


Battle Boom screenshot

Battle Boom is set in the World War I era. You are the commander of a base in this war. Use your commanding talents to guide the army to destroy the enemy base, thereby gaining victory in this battle. It is not possible for both teams to win on the same battlefield. Do you want to be a loser?

How to play

Battle Boom gameplay

Battle Boom maps are divided into two sides. Each side is an army base. Your task is to design the squad, build the fort. Like the current MOBA games, the battle only finishes when one of two base was destroyed. Battle Boom’s battlefield is simply designed, just a straight line. So the squad arrangement is the most important to lead you to victory. This game enhances the tactical thinking, creativity of the player. You can freely create your own tactics, unlike anyone else.

Army diversified

You can unlock different types of troops in this game. Battle Boom owns more than 70 types of familiar troops in the war. Soldiers, paratroopers, artillery and more. In addition, the game also has powerful weapons such as tanks, bombs, missiles, … You just select the type of soldiers you need and place them on the map you want. However, the game limits the number of troops deployed. According to me, you should put the strongest weapons in the end to the decisive stages of the battle. However, using them at the beginning of the battle to get the advantage is not a bad idea.

Battle Boom units

Can not fail to mention the system upgrades soldiers of the game. After each battle, you will receive some money and experience. Use the money to unlock more power for your troops. In addition, increasing the level will also help you to increase the use of troops and increase the strength of the team. Optimize your strength to take advantage of your enemies. In particular, Battle Boom allows you to use a missile launcher. The missile will destroy all enemies in the blast radius. You must be very careful when using this weapon.


If you love the battle fierce, Battle Boom sure will make you happy. The game has two main modes: PvP and PvP. Every level of the game is full of challenges that you must overcome. Use your tactics to complete the level playing. It does not matter if you lose. Take experience in the next battle to be stronger. Even if all the game is over once, I still want to play again a few more times, simply because the game is too fun and interesting.

Battle Boom character

You will be facing other players around the world in PvP mode. Because they also have the ability to think and tactics like you so you can not predict the outcome of the game. The element of luck is also an integral part of the game. If you are disadvantaged do not give up, only when a base destroyed, the battle has been finished. Never be allowed to surrender in Battle Boom.

However, Battle Boom modes are quite limited. I expect the publisher to update more attractive mode soon.


Battle Boom has pretty nice 3D graphics. Military, tanks, … in battle simulated funny, humorous. Explosive effects in the game also take care by the publisher. In addition, players will experience a variety of environments in each battle. From the desert, snow, mountains … you admire the beautiful scenery. In general, the graphics of the game are not so prominent, but are also very unique and have their own appeal.


True to the name Battle Boom, throughout this game are the greatest bomb war. If you like action games in a light, fun way, this game is for you. The game supports iOS and Android.

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