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Battle Game Royale

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a survival game combining attractive FPS shooting, considered the best game in 2017 when it sold 4 million copies in just three months from launch. The difference between PUBG and other shooters lies in the extensibility, breadth of the map and real interaction. Games like PUBG give players more sensation, excitement, excitement, and satisfaction.

Followed by the success of PUBG, many similar game titles have been released in a short time. Not surprisingly, such games appear on the mobile platforms. Today, I will introduce you a game that looks like PUBG, support Android platform, and also free.


Battle Game Royale 3

Battle Game Royale is a new, last-man-standing online shooter game by SZ Interactive. The game has no specific plot. In it, players will be entered into a “Battle ground” after parachuting from a plane. On a large island, every other player in the game is your enemy and any player who wishes to be the last survivor. So all will try to win all the weapons and supplies, trying to kill you.

Battle will start after the player press Play, the game will connect with all players in the world to pair up all 100 players. There you will start with two empty hands. Your mission in Battle Game Royale is to find the hiding place and the weapons and equipment needed to protect yourself and destroy all enemies.

Items and transportation

Battle Game Royale

On the island, players will find weapons and costumes in random locations, which can be picked up and used to destroy the enemy. The weapons and items in the game are extremely diverse, as the most popular weapons (pistols, rifles, AMP, …), melee weapons, grenades appear. Especially some items such as shovels, frying pans can also be used to attack opponents like weapons.

These weapons usually come with extremely limited ammunition, so save yourself and use it with care. Just missing a bullet, you can even pay the price of your life.

In addition, moving vehicles will also appear so players can move faster on the island. It could be a car, a motorbike, etc. These vehicles will appear randomly next to buildings that are abandoned, extreme caution if you do not want to die.


All works in the game can be destroyed. Buildings, walls, even torpedoes to get wood, metal to create the necessary walls to shield when attacked. Even vehicles can be destroyed by weapons fire, grenades …


Battle Game Royale 2

In terms of graphics, though not as perfect as PUBG, but with a mobile game, the 3D graphics of Battle Game Royale are more than enough to experience on most midrange phones. Explosive effects, character moves and the design of the island are lively, bright.


However, according to the player’s comments, the game has appeared bug status, causing annoying players. But a new game cannot avoid errors, so hopefully, developers can fix it in the future.

Currently, the game only version for Android. Hoping that gameplay is like this, developers will soon be thinking about releasing the iOS version as well as improving the game to look better.

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