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With the development of guns, the bow became gradually forgotten and was no longer used in the war. Although the technical state of the art is high, the bow is still being developed and used in a number of countries such as Britain, Korea, China, Japan, Turkey, Indian, Egypt, and many. Archery is still widely influenced and has made significant progress in the 21st century, most commonly used in traditional customs, sports, and hunting and some places.

Archery is an art, practice, or skill that uses a bow to push the arrows away. History of archery, used for hunting or war; In modern times, anyway, it is still used for various modes of entertainment. Those who know archery are called “archers.” Based on archery, Battle of Arrow is a real-time fighting game, with a strong focus on PvP, bringing the player into the tough battle between skilled gurus. The latest release from Studio 4:33 (Four Thirty Three), Battle of Arrow has been released for free on mobile platforms in various regions, including Vietnam.

If you do not know, 4:33 is one of the most well-known game studios in Korea, has launched the popular mobile games with beautiful gameplay and graphics, such as Monster Super League, Seven Guardians, Three Kingdoms: Blade, and most recently Battle of Arrow. The game will help the player to train the accuracy and sensibility of the senses as each match takes place on horseback, and you will have to shoot down opponents one by one to win the game.

The context

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Accordingly, Battle of Arrow brings the context of the ancient Roman arena, where “archery while riding a horse” is an official competition. Here, the player must demonstrate his skill with his arrow to defeat the enemy. In addition, the game will help players to train precision as well as sensitivity in the sense that every match on the horse.

When you join the game, you will be choosing a character, be it male or female. You will be fully instructed by Funathor how to manipulate the game. You will understand how to navigate, target, and game rules.

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Gameplay is simple but nice

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With a simple control mechanism called Touch & Drag, the player simply touches, drags and select angles to attack the opponent’s weaknesses, trying to deal maximum damage to knock down opponents. The gameplay is somewhat similar to Mafia Revenge – another 4:33 product when players do not need to control their character’s moves, but only for nice shooting and using skills or items supplemented at the same time. The game focuses primarily on the PvP aspect, which gives the player an extraordinarily engaging gameplay, as well as interactive effects between characters and a lively environment. With a variety of weapons you can choose, upgrade, and unlock with the materials, obtained after each battle.

Customize and graphics

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Customize your equipment, weapons to match your own fighting style, upgrade them, strengthen them to make your character stronger, and increase your fighting abilities. In addition, Battle of Arrow also allows players to team up to fight the monster power, the reward is equally attractive.

In addition, Battle of Arrow also has beautiful graphics and good sound effects. Medieval-style 3D art will take you to new lands, unique arcades, formidable rivals.

Download Battle of Arrow now!

Overall, Battle of Arrow is a fascinating and immersive game. If you are an archer, you should not skip this game.

Battle of Arrow is currently available for free on both Android and iOS platforms (APK/IPA Available), with an in-app purchase system that allows players to purchase a few items in real money. You can access the address below to download games and experience.

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