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Surely you have known BBTAN – game titles have been very popular in the game market last time. Known as a simple but addictive shooting game, this is definitely one of the hottest games in 2017. And recently, the second part of the hit game was released by the publisher 111% with the name called ​BBTAN2 by 222%. This is really good news for fans of this game. ​BBTAN2 by 222% has come back and works better than ever with many changes in gameplay and many other unique features. Let’s find out immediately what is new.

What’s new in ​BBTAN2 by 222% APK?

BBTAN2 apk

​BBTAN2 by 222% retains the features of the game BBTAN by 111% before. Your goal is to drag and drop to shoot the balls in a straight line, destroying the bricks in front of you. Each brick carries a number. Each of your balls colliding with the brick will reduce the number of bricks by one so that you can break the bricks of the game. You have to shoot as many balls as possible to break as many tiles as possible. It sounds simple but not simple at all. Each turn, the bricks will lower one level. The game will end if you let the brick touch the last floor.

What’s special about this version is that you do not play endlessly to make the record as in BBTAN by 111%. In the game, you will shoot to free the other monkeys being trapped in the cage. Each cage also carries the same number as another brick. If you get rid of all the monkeys in each level, you will be able to go through the stage. ​BBTAN2 by 222% ownership style through the curtain. Try to conquer all the levels like Candy Crush Saga and Homescapes. The game has more than 300 levels for you to shoot the ball only. As the game progresses, it becomes more and more difficult for you to play it many times to get through.

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BBTAN2 apk unlocked

When playing, remember to use the items that the game offers at each turn. These items can help you increase the number of balls at each turn or countless other interesting supports. In particular, eat diamonds every now and then because they will help you a lot in passing the difficult screen. Seeing ads or logging in daily also gives you a lot of diamonds. Is not it great?

You can explore hundreds of different ball types in the game ​BBTAN2 by 222%. The balls are designed in a variety of colours and sizes. There are balls like the planets, watermelon, … Some types of giant balls, there are also tiny types. In particular, some Legendary balls have special skills you can not believe. I once opened a balloon that once fired, it turned into any ball in the game that you do not need to own. Find out all kinds of balls in this game. You can unlock them through the secret balls system in the shop.

BBTAN2 apk stages

In terms of design, ​BBTAN2 by 222% APK has impressive 2D graphics. The interface of the game is designed to be very reasonable, fun to inspire maximum for players. Watching the colourful balls break the bricks is a great entertainment after a hard day’s work. In addition, the sound is also very good for each situation in the game. All combine with fascinating gameplay to create a unique addictive game that will help you relax after stressful working hours.


However, there is one point except I am quite annoyed when playing ​BBTAN2 by 222%. The game allows you to download and play completely free. However, during the game, you will often see many ads coming from the publisher. For the smoothest gaming experience, I strongly recommend that you disable Wifi, 3G to experience the game perfectly, without interruption.


Overall, as a free entertainment game, ​BBTAN2 by 222% APK is completely worth the praise. Although there are some limitations, I believe that this game will still bring you great moments of entertainment. Download ​BBTAN2 by 222% APK for your device and experience!

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