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Big Fish King 5

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For those who were born and raised in the countryside, especially for those who were born in the water and river area, it is certainly possible that fishing is a fun part of the intense childhood of all. Now, more modern life, we also less time. If you suddenly want to fish in your own house, why not? Big Fish King is the answer for you.

Fishing on mobile?

Big Fish King 5

Big Fish King is a real fishing simulation game on the mobile platform for those who love fishing. Released by LYTOMOBI, this game is currently available on Google Play in six Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines. The game will give players the same experience as sitting on the world famous lakes with the feeling of genuine to each finger. Currently, Big Fish King supports Android platform only. Download Big Fish King on the machine to find out why Big Fish King is the best fishing game 2017 for you.

When you first step into Big Fish King, appear before your eyes will be a vast map. Each area will show up as an ideal fishing place for you to explore. On the left of your screen will be the categories such as Tasks, Friends, Mailboxes. What makes this game so special compared to other common fishing games is that the fishing principle is carefully set up by the publisher in a detailed, realistic way. You will feel a vibration every time the fish bites, creating a sense of surrealism. Especially in this game, the scene will change over time in the morning, afternoon, evening, evening, from dawn to sunset so you feel like time is passing as when you go fishing real fish.

Big Fish King

Especially when fishing, you are also viewing a series of sightseeing attractions in the world. The feeling of sitting and watching the time passing from dawn to sunset in the Saigon River, Sam Roi Yot in Thailand or YeDang in Korea is really a great experience than when you are free.

Compete for the fishing rankings with other players in this game by catching the fish of great value. Complete the missions of the game in each fishing area to receive many other valuable items. In addition, fishing operations in Big Fish King are very easy to familiarize.

Variety of fish

Big Fish King 3

Come to Big Fish King, you will have the opportunity to conquer more than 100 species of freshwater fish famous throughout the world. Earn a lot of fish, then them for gold to buy tools such as bait, fishing lines and fishing rods to improve the chances of earning the fish are extremely large, extremely rare. You have owned the River Salmon, South Korean Head Fish, Mekong giant catfish, wide mouth fish, and many other unique fish species.

Big Fish King 2

Graphics and design

Big Fish King owns the beautiful 3D graphics. Scenes, ripples, clouds, or fish in the game are extremely sharp, which adds to the real feeling perfectly.

My thought

I do not know about you, but for me, Big Fish King is really a game that is always needed on any devices. Every time I stress, I just turn the game on and tired is all gone. Currently, during the release of Big Fish King, the subscribers will be given an Ecoflex. This game is free on Google Play so you can download it, or install it directly from Big Fish King APK file, so just download this cool game from the links below.

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