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Bigfoot Monster Hunter gameplay

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Have you ever imagined you got lost in the jungle, where there was a monster hiding? This scenario is only in the famous horror film. However, you can experience that in the latest release of OneTonGames, a game called Bigfoot Monster Hunter. They do not have many outstanding products, but this game really won a lot of attention from players.

Bigfoot monster

Bigfoot Monster Hunter graphics

This game has FPS gameplay similar to the usual shooting games. However, the gameplay of the game is very new, not normal at all. In the game, you become a brave hunter, venturing alone into the North forest (not the hunter in the story Little Red Riding Hood). There are lots of rumors about the monster in this forest. Many claims that it is Bigfoot, a bogus monster. There are many other hunters who have come here, but no one has come back yet. Do you want to be the first hunter to survive after exploring this forest?

First, you must enter a house in the middle of the forest to pick up items needed for this hunting trip. Guns and ammunition are indispensable. In addition, flares help you illuminate an area for a short period of time. Maybe you will think this is not necessary. But you were wrong. Your hunting trip takes place at night, plus mist covers the whole forest so your vision is very limited. A hunter is no stranger to trapping his prey. Use meat and traps to trap Bigfoot. Also, there are many useful things like flashlights, camcorders or ropes.

Only if either you or Bigfoot die then the game will end. You can not stay indoors but go out to find and destroy it. Remember, whenever a hunter can become a prey in Bigfoot Monster Hunter. This monster has killed many unlucky hunters, so it knows what to do to knock you down. You are not allowed to distract, always pay attention around, the monster can rush at any time. In the forest there are many other animals, you can confuse them and Bigfoot.

Hunting is not easy

Bigfoot Monster Hunter

Bigfoot Monster Hunter is a platformer game, that is, you kill Bigfoot, you will be through the next level. Currently, each level divided into three levels: Normal, Hard and Hell. They are real challenges for you. Undoubtedly many times you die for a monster. It can tear you at any time.

As I see, the current game does not have many modes as well as attractive rewards. Simply explore and kill monsters to win. That’s all. We hope that the publisher will update some new features or some other challenges, such as a Bigfoot cave.


Bigfoot Monster Hunter gameplay

The graphics of Bigfoot Monster Hunter are based on the 3D platform. The roar of a monster in the night will make you startled many times. The atmosphere is quiet, gloomy, the only sound you hear is the sound of your feet and your breathing.


I advise you not to play Bigfoot Monster Hunter alone at night. Maybe your startling scream will wake people around.

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