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2018 is the year in which survival games take their place on the TOP. For example, PUBG, Fortnite Battle Royale or Rules Of Survival … While you can play PUBG, you have to wait long for the mobile version of this game to officially launch. But there are other options as well. There are dozens of games with similar themes that have been released on both the Android and iOS platforms in a short time.

My criteria when choosing a game that is must be being unique, behaving depth and must be interesting. In the PUBG-style survival category, I have a pretty good alternative that is probably less known. It’s Black Survival, a survival-style shooter in the style of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, but the graphics are 2D-style in old games. And that is what makes this game special.

Join the fight to survive

Black Survival apk screenshot

In Black Survival, you will have to take part in a survival battle with ten other players. First, you can choose a character from among 29 available characters such as swordsman, actor, doctor, police, hacker, chef, student … On a desert island, the battle will last until you find the last survivor. On the island, there are 22 different areas for players to explore (e.g. Hospital, Forest, Beach …), collect different items and be ready to fight if other players find out in the same area. Areas will gradually shrink over time, forcing players to come closer together and battles will occur with increasing frequency.

Black Survival map

Featured game tactics

Black Survival gameplay

Instead of fighting, this game features finding and collecting items to make better gear so you can fight off your enemies. You can decide to attack or ignore the discovery of an enemy in sight to continue the job of collecting items. Tactics are a top priority, and if you want to win in this game, you will need to make the right decision.

I quite like the game using tactics. At first, when introduced by a friend, I quite fond of Black Survival. But after a few tries, I found that it was really good and worth playing. In the game, I was free to experiment hundreds, even thousands of different tactics. And the thing that is more respectable is that this is not a Pay to Win game.

Black Survival gameplay 2


Black Survival‘s design builds in 2D style. It is quite simple and does not have many effects. But with a more tactical than fighting game, the graphics are good enough.

I just feel sorry about the sound system in the game. It’s pretty monotonous, and I do not appreciate that. Hope for the future; the game will have new improvements in sound quality.


Archbears has created a quality game. This game is a uniqueness, a change to the already obsolete game list of mine and you. Do not look at the screenshots, read the reviews of other Black Survival players to see what they say. Black Survival really changed the fighting game genre, and there’s no reason not to download the game right now and enjoy the game.

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