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  • Platforms: Android 4.1+ iOS 10.0+
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  • Size: 336 MB
  • Latest Version: 0.34


Blast Squad is an interesting action game. The game was released by Chiseled Games Limited. This game is probably the most prominent game of this publisher because they are not well known in the market. However, they still know how to satisfy the most grumpy players. With nice gameplay, lots of interesting modes, the game promises to bring you the best experience.

3vs3 real-time battle

Blast Squad gameplay 2

When playing Blast Squad, I feel gameplay of this game like League of Legend special version. At the start of the game, the game will pair you with five other players in a 3 vs 3 matches. Each match lasts 2 minutes 30 seconds. Your task is simple, kill as many enemies as possible. When the time expires, which team get more kills will win. Do not forget to take important items on the map, they will help you stronger, create more advantage than the enemy. They are yellow energy bars, which can increase damage for your characters.

If you are killed by the enemy? Don’t worry. After three seconds, you will be resurrected and continue the battle. There is one thing you need to know when playing Blast Squad. Map of the game has many stealth areas. Like tussock in League of Legends, when you or anyone else in this area, others can’t see you. You can use this to create unique tactics, fool the enemy.

You are not alone in this game. Along with you also have two teammates. Therefore, the ability to teamwork, in conjunction with your teammates will greatly affect the outcome of the game. Hoax your opponent to the ambush zone that you created. Games do not encourage too personal players. There is a statistic that players who know how to combine with their team always have higher win odds than other players.

Blasters system

Blast Squad Blaster

Blast Squad has a very diverse character system, called the Blaster. Each Blaster possesses a separate weapon and skill. For example, Dillon owns a powerful gun, or Slash has a huge sword. There are three characteristics of Blaster that you need to consider, including Attack, HP and Skill. Each Blaster has a different role in the game, so you have to discover and use it most effectively. Also, when level up, you can upgrade your Blaster skills.

Maybe you will lose some matches to get familiar how to character plays. The joystick of Blast Squad is optimized for mobile devices that make it easy for you to familiarize. The left virtual key lets you move, while the virtual key on the right lets you attack the enemy.

Different game modes

Blast Squad modes

In Blast & Grab mode, each player must find 10 items required by the game. The first finisher will win. Sure, other players will not let you easily do this. A lot of clashes will break out.

Team Deathmatch is a featured mode of Blast Squad. This is where players can challenge each other in 3v3 battles. Each battle is a different map, creating a variety in tactics, avoid the boring. This mode also has a ranking system that lets you compete against other players. Do you want to be the champion?

Also, the game also has Survival mode. Many players in a match, the last survivor is the winner. This mode will be very fun.


Blast Squad gameplay

Blast Squad has 3D graphics. However, the game design is not too sophisticated but everything is simulated very nicely. The game is lightweight, simple and can run smoothly on low-end devices. I rarely encountered the lag when playing.


Overall, Blast Squad is a very potential game. You will have the most fun moments when experiencing this game. The game allows you to download completely free on both iOS and Android operating systems. You can download Blast Squad on your device via the links below:

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