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If you are looking for a Japanese-style Anime RPG, perhaps today’s game I introduced can help you. BLEACH Brave Souls is an RPG game by the publisher KLab Global, where you can enjoy the big world and the exciting gameplay. Recently, when everyone is playing the survival game, BLEACH Brave Souls will be a new choice for you.

Familiar characters

BLEACH Brave Souls gameplay 1

In the game, you will see many familiar characters in Japanese Anime films. From Ichigo, Byakuya, Renji to Kenpachi and many other characters. Together they will form powerful armies. This world is in danger. They are the last hope of humanity, protecting the people of the world from the evil forces of darkness.

The story in BLEACH Brave Souls begins when Rukia meets Ichigo. From there, you will develop your character according to the story of the game. You have experienced the most dangerous and adventurous ever.

The character in the game is divided into 5 levels from low to high, corresponding to 1 to 5 stars. The bigger the number of stars, your characters stronger and rarer, even the rare characters and only for few lucky ones. Maybe now you will wonder what they differ? Characters have 1 and 2 stars have two basic skills, no special skills. Characters 3 and 4 stars have 2 basic skills and a special skill. The strongest is the 5-star character, who has three normal skills and a special skill.

Protect the world

BLEACH Brave Souls gameplay

Although the plot of the game is relatively complex, the gameplay is easy to understand. Similar to other RPGs, in BLEACH Brave Souls you have to control your character, conquering all the challenges that the game requires. The tasks in the game are usually quite short, you only take about 2 to 3 minutes to be able to complete. That does not mean simple. Monsters in the game are very powerful, they can kill you at any time, not to mention Boss at the bottom of the scene. When playing, do not forget to collect the chests hidden somewhere on the map. They will bring you mysterious equipment, which can be valuable. When you complete the task, your character will be upgraded to strength, enhancing basic stats. In addition, you can train your character in the Soul Tree to increase your stats.

You will not have a problem with the game’s control system. The left virtual keys help you move and the right virtual key helps you to use monster attack skills. In addition, BLEACH Brave Souls also features Auto Attack, which allows you to let the character automatically move and attack monsters on the map for gold and experience. This feature is very consistent with the “lazy” players like me. Anyway, when you meet the Boss, you have to control yourself to be able to win, not depend on Auto Attack.

PvP Arena

Also, the game allows you to join teams and fight players online worldwide. Your skills are not enough. You also have the ability to arrange the team to create unique tactics and coordinate well with other players.

The design is not new

BLEACH Brave Souls graphics

BLEACH Brave Souls’s Japanese-style graphics are a bit different from some RPGs like One Piece: Bounty Rush or Dragon Ball Legends. I feel the game is not a new design, but still very good and enough to make you satisfied.


Overall, BLEACH Brave Souls is a great RPG at the moment. I believe that Japanese Anime lovers will definitely like this game. You can download the game to your phone via the links below the article:

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