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Block Strike is a game that gives you a feeling that is both familiar and new. This is a special FPS shooting game by the publisher of Rexet Studios. Why do I say this game special? Block Strike is combined from the two legendary PC games Counter-Strike and Minecraft. If you are looking for a new shooter game, Block Strike is probably not a bad idea


Block Strike gameplay

In terms of gameplay, maybe Block Strike is nothing new. The game is similar to the first-person shooter games on the market, such as Overkill Strike. Ingame, you will become a soldier, join the task force. In each match, the number of players will be divided equally into two teams. Your mission is simple as a soldier, alongside your teammates, destroy and block the enemy’s plo

However, what makes Block Strike so different is that the graphics of the game are built in pixel style like Minecraft. Oh no. More precisely, the new character must, because the environment in the game is still beautiful and quality. Not only that, the weapons in the game are similarly designed. Character blocks and weapons as thin as paper, that sound fun.

The advantage of this is definitely making the game more fun. However, there are some inconveniences. Because the character is quite virtual, so sometimes you think hit the target, but you missed and sometimes you think shot missed, but hit the target. This is perfectly acceptable. Also, you can customize your face, dress, or weapons in your style.

Weapon system

Despite its simplicity, Block Strike still has a massive weapons system. You can experience a variety of weapons, from pistols, rifles, machine guns, shotguns or AWM. Also, do not forget the unique melee weapons like shovels, katana swords, knives or axes. You should pay attention to the number of ammunition and jerking of the gun to use in the most effective way.

15 mode, is it enough?

Block Strike mode

Block Strike possesses a full range of modes that a shooting game requires such as Team Deathmatch, Death Run, Gun Game, Hunger Games, Zombie Survival, Bunny Hop, Surf … In Zombie Survival mode, stay away from the zombies and do not let them infect. The guns will be the weapon you use to destroy them, try to live as long as possible. However, the game does not have a close combat mode. We hope that the publisher will update in the coming releases.

Since Block Strike is an online game, your teammates can be anyone. Your best friend, neighbourhood guy, classmates, or even a girl you met on Tinder. Just find their ingame name and invite them to the match, everyone will have fun moments together.

Personal feeling

Block Strike graphics

Players often feel difficult to play shooter games on the phone. Unlike a PC, you can hardly move and shoot accurately. You can only overcome this by playing much to improve after every match. An experience of FPS game that you should know. When playing you should constantly look around. There are many times I chase an enemy but let another enemy attack from behind unexpectedly. Surely you will encounter such situations when playing Block Strike.

Overall, this is a fun, easy-to-play game. How to become a good gunman? Download Block Strike on your phone and join in the engaging battles.

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