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Captain Tsubasa dream team

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All over the world, Captain Tsubasa is one of Japan’s most well-known comic books, besides Doraemon, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh !,… Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is a mobile game based on the inspiration of Japanese manga writer by Takahashi Yoichi’s – Kyaputen Tsubasa, published in 1981. The story is about the beautiful dream of Ozora Tsubasa wishing to play for the Japan national team and burning desire to become “the grass court king”.

With the success of this comic, KLAB has developed Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, a mobile game in the manga genre. With Captain Tsubasa: The Dream Team experiences the game as a way to find the emotions that once was with the series.


Captain Tsubasa dream team

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team recreates the fierce and fierce matches that we have seen in the animated Dream Fields (an animated version of Captain Tsubasa). Of course, you play the captain Tsubasa and team up with the team to win the game. Tsubasa is an 11-year-old boy with a dream of winning the World Cup. The boy treats the ball as a friend and always carries the ball with him.


About the game Captain Tsubasa: The Dream Team still respects the traditional values of the four-button generation, where winners decide by direct selections on the field. Instead of controlling the players in real time like PES 2018 or FIFA 2018, Captain Tsubasa gives the game an automatic play and when faced with a robbery situation, new players have to handle the game. For example, your striker has a variety of options when you face the defender , such as trying to go straight to the goal, pass to his teammates or show personal skills with the through the opponent.

Captain Tsubasa dream team 3

However, each option has a certain probability of success depends on the stats of each player on the field so if you do not calculate well you will automatically give the opportunity directly to the enemy. However, if you lose the ball then you do not worry because the defender will still be active. There the player will be able to command the ball, then press the … v.v to regain control of the team. Of course, the game has a streamlined layout, customizable clutter and plenty of other mechanisms that the four-button generation has never had before, ensuring a fresh and familiar experience for every fan.

Unlike other football simulation games, Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team brings a whole new way of playing. There, you can show your own performance without any difficulty. In fact, every time you touch the ball, the players can easily choose the best solution for you: dribbling, ball or pass the ball … But not like FIFA or PES, you only need 1 key to complete this operation. Very simple and close.

Diverse character system

There are many familiar players out of the series, when playing Captain Tsubasa, you will meet again:

Tsubasa Ozora: Play in the attacking midfielder position, based on Roberto’s famous book. He played a very important role, leading Nankatsu High School to victory in the national tournament. Then, in the third year, Tsubasa took the title for the country despite being injured.

Taro Misaki: Misaki decides to join All Japan after a meeting with Tsubasa on the street. He plays great football, great combination with Tsubasa. Misaki also expressed his enthusiasm in the game by challenging the French team to try his own abilities.

Kojiro Hyuga: A striker called “Fierce Tiger.” He left his team after coach Kira called him “Fierce tiger”. He then practiced with his coach in Okinawa, where he developed “Tiger Shot”.

Genzo Wakabayashi: One of the most talented goalkeepers in the world. He always encourage his teammates and raise the level of All Japan.

Ryo Ishizaki: The defender is also called “Funky Gutsman”. He is a persistent player, and one of his teammates.

In addition, you will also meet many other players such as Karl Heinz Schneider, Deuter Muller, Zino Hernandez, Juan Diaz, Elle Sid Pierre …


Captain Tsubasa dream team 2

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team has nice 3D graphics. In addition, the game is designed very similar to the style of Dream Fields film mentioned in the above. So, if you have ever seen the movie, you will see many familiar images. It is more interesting when in many situations on the pitch, the cutscenes are developed by the developer in a very subtle way, making gamers really enjoy.


Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is a new football simulation game that you should not miss with full of strategic elements, control skills to make it attractive. Key features include:

  • Easy control with the key system function optimized for the phone, creating a smooth playing experience, intuitive.
  • Experience the story in Story Mode with many memories
  • Build a team of players, the team freely, allowing you to create your own unique dream team.
  • Player training, special skill transfer between characters
  • Friendly graphics

Right now, you can download Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team APK (Mod / English) game to experience this exciting football game. Support for Android and iOS, for iOS you can install through the App Store, and for Android, you can install through the Play Store or installed directly from the Mod APK file.

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