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  • Platforms: Android 4.1+ iOS 7.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size: 150.34 MB
  • Latest Version: 1.1

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Recently, the publisher Ketchapp has brought us a unique game called Car vs Cops. We are too familiar with this publisher. Along with  Voodoo, Ketchapp is also the producer of new games, what unique and simple. There are Dunk Line, Knife Hit, Finger Driver, etc. You can find more similar games at

The police are the ones who represent justice. They protect the peace of everyone, stop the bad guys and make sure everyone obey the law. However, have you ever imagined being a bad guy? It sounds like the movie, but you can experience it in Car vs Cops game. Download this game right away and try to become a bad person. (Do not try it in real life).

Simple gameplay

Car vs Cops gameplay

At first glance, you may find that the game is similar to another Ketchapp game, Finger Driver. You are a criminal trying to escape. Behind you are dozens of police cars. Of course, they want to stop you and put you in jail. Your task is to control the car, to pass all the police, out of danger. But things are not so simple. As a matter of fact, the police car pulled in a lot, even helicopters. To overcome them, you need to be a good driver, like Brian O’conner or Toretto Dominic in Fast And Furious film series.

How to play

Car vs Cops gameplay 2

Car vs Cops is much easier to play than other driving games. There are no obstacles in this game, no limit. You can drive as far as you can. When you are caught by the police, you will lose. However, you have up to 3 life, which is equivalent to three times caught by the police. End of 3 life, the game really ends.

According to me, you should not go straight because police cars are much faster than you. Keep turning left and right to make police cars lose their guard, and crash into each other. Each police destroyed, you will be plus one point. Try to destroy as many police cars to set the record in this game. Do not forget to collect the coins along the way. It will help you unlock more cars in Car vs Cops.

Car vs Cops is fun and attractive. The game has enough inhibition to make you feel regret, so want to play again to get higher scores.


Car vs Cops graphics

The graphics of Car vs Cops do not have too many highlights. We are not surprised at this either. The design of the game in the classic 3D style. Everything in the game is simulating simple. The game runs smoothly with smartphones and tablets. Although I use a low-end phone, I still experience the game perfectly. I was particularly fascinated by the background music as well as the songs in Car vs Cops. If the publisher wants to make the player happy, laugh more, obviously, they have succeeded.

Should you play Car vs Cops?

Car vs Cops is a very attractive game. I have played continuously 4 hours but still not bored. If you are looking for a fun, simple game then there is no reason to skip this game. Currently, the game is released for free on both iOS and Android. You want to experience be a bad guy? Download Car vs Cops via the links below:

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