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I like city-building games because these games often bring fun, fun and also very attractive. Cartoon City 2 PRO is also a fully owned game with these elements. This game is released on both iOS and Android platforms by the publisher foranj. If you have a dream to be a mayor, Cartoon City 2 PRO will be a perfect choice.

City Manager

Cartoon City 2 PRO

In Cartoon City 2 PRO, creativity is without limits. This game has the same gameplay as Sim City or Dream Town Story. You are a new mayor in a small, pristine little town. Build your town, create wealth, prosperity and fame. You have to bring a good life to the entire population of your city.


Your work will start from residential areas. Of course, a city cannot be without people. As many people live here, they will labour and trade to bring wealth to your city. To build reasonable residential areas, to combine the road system to make it the most convenient for residents to travel. The rich, the modern, the environment, the social activities will be the things to attract people and make them happy and happy. If you leave people unhappy, over time, they will abandon your city to live in other places, thereby bringing a bad reputation to the whole city.

Design the dream city

Cartoon City 2 PRO 2

Design commercial centres, restaurants, cinemas in densely populated areas. In villages away from the city centre, fertile farms with a wide variety of agricultural products, crops and livestock are not a bad choice at all. This is the main source of income for you to maintain the economy of the city. Building or decorating anything takes away a lot of your resources. Do not forget to harvest your product on time to get as many agricultural products as possible.

You can create your city without any rules. Make a city of your brand. Besides, you can also visit the city of other players. However, you are only allowed to place works where there is sufficient space. If you set it wrong, Cartoon City 2 PRO will not let you do that, so you do not need to worry. You can also delete the works you have previously built to replace them with new ones. However, building the building will be very expensive so be sure to calculate it carefully before you decide to build it.

In particular, you can organize events, festivals to help your city more exciting. For every holiday, buy decorative items in the Cartoon City 2 PRO store to celebrate the festivities that flood your city. Assuming Halloween, you can buy pumpkins, ghost castles, demon straws …


Cartoon City 2 PRO 3

Cartoon City 2 PRO possesses extremely sharp and fun 3D graphics. The colours of the city are very bright and beautiful. The whole city and its inhabitants are simulated in a funny, humorous, yet very funny animation style. The design is quite simple but still enough to attract players.


Cartoon City 2 PRO 4

As I can see, Cartoon City 2 PRO is quite a fun game. Although the game does not have many modes really attractive, Cartoon City 2 PRO is still a city management game you can not miss. Just $ 0.99 you can own a great game for your phone.

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