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You go home after a hard day’s work. So tired. Boo – Your cute cat rubs your legs for you to feed. You will feel much more comfortable. Then one day, you received the rescue message from the cat world? In Cat Knight Saga Special, you become a girl who loves animals, especially cats. Suddenly one day, while relaxing in the “DreamCat” cafe with her cat, she saw a strange light in the downstairs. The messenger of the cat – Milk appears, asking for help from the girl. Waking up, she realized she was lost in a strange world. There is no human life here, only cats and some other animals live. After finding the answer, she learns that she has a mission to help the Cat Kingdom against the evil forces, namely Ohum. You will become a reluctant hero, accompany the “captain cat” and good warriors, rescue the cat kingdom from danger. Here, the excited adventure of the girl has started.

The role-playing game makes you feel nervous as if you were in it yourself. And Cat Knight Saga Special is such a game. This is a new product from the publisher CatnipStudio. The game makes me feel like I was in the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland.

Rescue the Cat Kingdom

Cat Knight Saga Special story

Cat Knight Saga Special has an RPG gameplay combined with tactics. First, you have to build a squad of brave Cats. In the magical world, they can talk, think like humans, even walk with two legs, not ordinary cats, eating and sleeping all day. The gameplay is very simple. The cat automatically moves forward; you just need to select the skills, then swipe the screen to the cat automatically attack the Ohum. Maybe you will ask what role you play in this battle? Like Soraka in League of Legends, you will act as a supporter, buff HP and magic power for cats( but don’t lose your HP and mana).

Despite having a lot of powerful skills, however, you may still have to fail if you are not prepared for the battle. The way you approach the game much influence to winning. Because cats’ skills have a long cooldown time, you have to use them flexibly and reasonably to have a perfect victory. If you lose, do not be sad. Click on the “replay” button to start over. Cat Knight Saga Special‘s control system is very smooth and does not have many complicated operations, so you do not have many obstacles when playing. No matter how confident you are, sometimes you have to worry about your cats!

Adventure length 70 chapters

Cat Knight Saga Special gameplay

In this game, you have to go through a dangerous journey. The mission system, the attractive rewards will make you unable to leave the phone for many hours. Cat Knight Saga Special revolves around the plot, which makes it easy to capture the content and discover new things in this magical world. Aside from your main task is fighting, you also have to do the work of a pet caregiver. You can feed them, bathe and play with them. Your army will be stronger when you equip them with weapons and armour, the things you will encounter on the way.

Up to 50 different cat characters to your choice. Each character has a different special skill, such as the guard shield allies or summons a giant cat hand, scratching the enemy. You touch one of the cat’s avatar to use skills. Also, there are sometimes flying fish in the sky to support the cats, attacking the Ohum. Cats with fish are friends? Can you believe it?

Cute graphics

Cat Knight Saga Special gameplay 1

The world of animation in the game is designed quite nice and cute. If you are an animal lover, especially a cat, you will love it. Although it is simple 2D graphics, not sophisticated, the color and shape of the character makes the game retain the beauty and poetic. The highlight of the game is the skills shown by cute animations. You will be traveling through small towns, hills, forests, streams … beautiful as fairy tales. Also, the sound is also impressive. In battle, sound makes the game more dramatic, stressful. However, when normal, the sound is very cheerful. Overall, I am very pleased with the graphics of the game.

Oh. Wait a moment. I forgot something important. The game doesn’t interact with other players. However, the game still requires players to connect to the Internet. Perhaps this helps the game save your data continuously, then easily sync with other devices.

Cat Knight Saga Special, a great game

Although the action game combined with adventure is not new, Cat Knight Saga Special is still a game I appreciates. Danger but no less fun, humorous. Are you ready to adventure, rescue the Cat Kingdom?

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