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If you do not know, Champions Destiny is a MOBA 3vs3 game similar to the Arena of Valor or Mobile Battleground – Blitz. This game is also considered to be a version of the League of Legend for mobile platforms developed and released by Social Point. In the game, players will be playing many different champions. Social Point is also the publisher of Dragon City, Monster Legends, World Chef and Dragon Land.


The game builds itself up in a fictional setting, across space-time, confused between the history of East and West, the design of a diverse championships system, each one looks unique and detailed. Thanks to the innovative Unity 3D technology, the maps in the game also have a large design, have a sharp environmental effect, combined with the smooth combat skills and eye-catching characters, satisfying the experience for mobile gamers.


Champions Destiny 2

Inheriting the essence of the MOBA franchise, the Champions Destiny is redesigned to suit the mobile platform. In battle, you will be under constant fighting. The boring farming will be replaced by the phase swap nonstop moves. All create hours of entertainment.

Champions Destiny’s goal in the game is still like the other MOBA games, trying to push the way quickly through defeating opponents, earning big goals to find a way to knock down the opponents base and win. In order to reach the goal, the player must be familiar with the controls in the game, it is also easy to familiarize and be displayed clearly on the screen. Players can control the direction of movement through swipe, touch to activate skills. However, most of the skills in the game require players to clear direction and have certain cooldown time should players consider when using.

Champions Destiny

Champions Destiny contains many traditional MOBA elements, such as First Blood, Double Kill and Triple Kill, as well as unique new features. These are the modes that allow the player to control three different champions simultaneously.

The champions system

Champions Destiny 3

The system of champions will be divided into six main roles, such as tankers, soldiers, guests, mages, gunners and auxiliaries, with a total of 32 current heroes. Players can choose according to their personal preferences and in accordance with the requirements of the team, every week there will be free heroes to experience. Of course, the game also has a mission system for both money and experience, players can buy the skin, giving a completely different appearance for the character. Some of the champions are Alaxatar, Lynn, Shanna, Bryce, Anne Clisson, Neve, Bestia, Tenseed …

What’s new in Champions Destiny is that it carries a number of RPGs features, typically with the ability to equip weapons and equipment for champions, upgrade their champions by leveling up and upgrading stars.


Champions Destiny 4

Champions Destiny has a similar design to other similar MOBA games. A medieval-style 3D graphics, the in-game map is reduced to just 2 lane, suitable for high-speed battles. Genetics system is unique, not identical with any other game.

Champions Destiny has an extremely well designed graphics platform. The details, images are extremely real with eye-catching colors. All created a fire arena but extremely harmonious, creating sympathy for anyone from the first time approach.

The end

Champions Destiny is a free game to download and free to play. However, there are some in-app items that you can buy with real money. If you want to disable this feature, turn off in-app purchases on your phone or tablet settings.

Despite their high levels of entertainment, the Champions Destiny still has a ranking system that allows the player to compete against each other. Besides there are many big and small tournaments to be implemented in the near future. Want to become a professional, want to become professional esports athlete? Champions Destiny can fully meet that.

Game support for Android and iOS platforms, 3 languages supported are English, Spanish and Portuguese. You will need a device with at least 2 GB of RAM to play this game.

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