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Chop It is a game that turns you into a real woodcutter. Yes, in the game you will learn how to use the hammer or axe in the most professional way. The father of this interesting game is the publisher BYV in Bulgaria, although not too famous but this game title is really worth playing. The game is currently available for free on Android operating systems. Pick up your hammer and smash it all in Chop It.


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The gameplay of Chop It is developed in a special addictive style. Endless game titles always bring you the most enjoyable moments. No matter the plot or gameplay is too complex, these game will always win special favours.

The game is called “Chop It” but when it comes to Chop It, your task is not only to chop it. You can also do a lot of work of a miner or a professional woodcutter. Your mission in this game is simple. You hold the chain in a production line. Whenever the material runs through your location, use what you hold in your hand to chop it. Touch the screen to swing the axe or hammer in your hand. You just have to chop at the right time, just because if you miss the whole, the process will be ruined.

Cut the wood and stone with the axe, use the hammer to nail, you can do many things in this unique game. Be especially careful, as you will sometimes have to accidentally forget the broken material or even a bomb in the chain, if you just hit them like other things, they will “bum”. Everything exploded.

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The game will end if you miss or chop the wrong material. Because this is an Endless style game, you can play it without end. In addition, the game also gives you 5 hearts of life. These hearts will crush you each time you fail so you can continue your gameplay if you miss. Set the record that no one can break in this game. You can show it to your friends through social networks connected to the game.

Chop It owns a single player mode. Especially, every time you play you will be doing a different job, which creates variety, avoiding the boring in the game. Increasingly, the faster the chain, the faster you will need to be fast. The game requires that you coordinate your thoughts and actions. Chop the clocks so that the chain moves slowly, making it easier for you to chop.

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As this is an entertaining game, perhaps the graphics of Chop It is not so impressive. However, because of the best player experience, the publisher has taken good care of the effects of the game. The physical operations are very smooth, the science looks very realistic but also fun, attractive. In addition, the sound of the game also interacts very well with each action in the game. All make up an entertaining game that can not be missed.


A new year is coming, and the download of some entertainment games is indispensable at the moment. Tet does not go to play what to do? At home playing games. And I believe that Chop It APK will be an exciting entertainment game for you to consider downloading your phone. Wish you have a happy new year.

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