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ChronoBlade is the ARPG game that released on Facebook. The game quickly received the special love of millions of players right after launch. If you love action games, then you must have heard of this name. Good news for you, Nway and Netmarble have officially released ChronoBlade on both iOS and Android platforms after years of development. I and many players have been waiting a long time to be able to experience this game. I don’t say much more, let’s read the review to see what interesting in ChronoBlade.



The gameplay of ChronoBlade is similar to Street Fighter IV Champion Edition. In this game, you will participate in the battle of tension between the top fighters. First, you have to choose one of the four characters of the game, including Aurok, Thera, Lucas, and Lophi. Each character represents a different kind of power. No character is stronger than any character. Remember, your skills will make you win this game. No matter how strong you are, if you are a “noob player” then you lose to the weaker players that are not rare.

ChronoBlade has four basic moves. However, you can combine your attacks with Auto Attack to create hundreds of different combos. The combo depends entirely on whether you press the button and drop the correct formula. You will have to practice a lot to memorize and master the combo of the character. The publisher said: “The player is playing a perfect PC game. … just one thing is you play on mobile. “. The PC version of ChronoBlade is highly regarded for its control system, allowing players to perform a variety of complex operations. In this version, Nway publisher has upgraded a lot to the control system, making it like PC version as possible. This is actually the best role playing game I’ve ever seen.

There is only one thing we say to Death…Not today!

ChronoBlade modes

The main mode of ChronoBlade consists of 5 chapters. Lots of danger and bosses are waiting for you. Besides, you will discover a lot of interesting things when playing the game. When fighting, you can unlock skills and equipment. The game has over 2000 different types of equipment. Your character needs to be fully equipped with hats, armour, weapons, shoes, … to become the strongest warrior. The higher the level, the more difficult you get. Sometimes, you can be killed by monsters without even needing Boss. Do not give up. Keep fighting.

Besides, ChronoBlade also owns real-time PvP. You will constantly experience matches with other players around the world. They have the same skills and tactics as you, so you need to be better than them to win. The game has a very great feature. When you disconnect, the game will automatically control the character. If you reconnect, you can continue to control the character as normal. This makes ChronoBlade’s matches less interrupted, which is more attractive and interesting.

ChronoBlade also makes it easier for players to interact with other players. The chat box is designed to be simple, so you can play and chat comfortably without affecting the game.

3D graphics

ChronoBlade graphics

If you love high-quality graphics games, ChronoBlade is definitely the first choice. I immediately recognize the characters because their design is very similar to the Anime version. The skill effects of the game are very impressive and beautiful. The landscape is amazing. You will have to exclaim “Wow!” when you see the castle, the forest in this game. Harmonious interface, good interaction with players.


This is one of the best ARPG games in 2018. The gameplay, graphics, sound are perfect. I can play ChronoBlade for a few hours without getting bored. How about you?

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