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If traditional RPGs are not enough to make you feel excited, let try playing a special style game today. Combo Rush is an RPG combined with puzzle games which you do not play purely like other games. This cool game is released by MEGAXUS on Google Play store. Right from the launch, the game has attracted the attention of large numbers of players to download and participate.

Swordsman adventure

Combo Rush 1

Combo Rush is a very special game that I have never seen in another RPG game. The main character in this game is Sten, a talented swordsman who is completing the adventure across the land, kills the bad guys and having a mission to save the kingdom. The task of the player is to accompany Sten, helping him against the monsters on his journey. You will go through a dangerous journey, gradually develop character according to the plot of this game.

However, if you just control Sten like the other games are too normal. On your panel will appear some random characters. Whenever the screen asks for a character, you just need to quickly touch that character and Sten will attack monsters. The more accurate the combos are, the greater the damage done, and at some point your character will automatically perform special attacks.

This type of gameplay you often encounter in some music games like SuperStar BTS, MEGAXUS publisher was very creative when combining a music game with a role-playing game. As you can see, the game is very easy to understand but quite difficult to play and easy to make mistakes. Combo Rush requires the ability to reflex and quicken your hand.

Collect pets

Combo Rush pets

Your main objective in the game is to collect the strongest pets, which will increase your character’s strength. Not only that, your pet also has special skills such as boosting health, healing or slowing enemies. To make pets stronger, you have to spend time feeding them and taking care of them well. Select the strongest animals to accompany you on the battlefield, they will be great friends, support you as much as possible. You can own a big lion double your body. Experience it in Combo Rush.

Some note

Each match in Combo Rush is divided into 6 stages. You will encounter the Boss in the final stages after completing the previous five stages. You should play very carefully in the first stages, because game continually displays complex combos that make it easy for you to make mistakes, leading to losers and play again at the beginning. Not stop there, when you have reached the high level, the number of characters appears much more than three characters at first.

What about graphics?

Combo Rush

Combo Rush’s graphics are based on the classic 2D platform, reminiscent of old games like Contra or Super Mario. Characters and pets are very cute. The sound is also impressive, good interaction with the game brings the best experience for you.

In general

Combo Rush is a real challenge with your responsiveness and reflexes. You can refer to another unique RPG game like Lutie RPG Clicker. And now? Download Combo Rush and experience this exciting game.

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