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  • Platforms: Android 4.4+ iOS 9.0+
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  • Size: 47M
  • Latest Version: 1.8.6


If there is an island of your own, what would you do? Build a huge stadium, a soccer field or a tennis court, or just simply sunbathe on the weekend? If you have ideas, do it in this game. Craft Warriors is a game which you can build your own city on an island. Actually, it’s not an island in the middle of the ocean but an island floating in the sky like in fantasy movies.

Dream City

Craft Warriors gameplay1

There is a lot to do in Craft Warriors, but your main task is to build and restore the city of Skyland that was destroyed thousands of years ago. There are so many wars going on here, all that remains is the ruins, no signs of life.

You can start by building buildings, a castle or a tower on the island. Do this by touching the remnants available, in case you have enough gold required. This process takes a while to complete. How much? About 5 to 10 seconds, never mind. Some of the buildings are capable of producing gold for you, which will be the main source of income for you to upgrade and purchase items in the game. You can not ignore the defense building, they will protect your city before the attacks of monsters or other players. Use gold to upgrade these buildings, build invincible ramparts, no one can get close to your city.

Choose the strongest warriors

Craft Warriors characters

When you first play, you will be given a flag to represent your city. The army is essential to protecting your city or attacking other cities. You can choose from a variety of different types of soldiers such as knights, wizards, archers, etc. There are many types for you to choose, so this process is also very interesting. The abilities of each character also help a lot in the fight, so you have to choose science to create the strongest team. Also, you can also adjust their appearance with just a few clicks.

How to attack other players

Craft Warriors battle

Craft Warriors gameplay is quite fun and simple, you do not have to do complicated things. On your screen is the city you attack, select the warriors you have and place them in any location on the map. They will in turn attack the nearest targets until they reach the final target and also rob their resources and gold. The battle is over when the enemy’s castle is destroyed or your troops are all killed. These battles will be very intense, stressful but do not require too big efforts of players.


Craft Warriors graphics

The graphics of Craft Warriors are designed in a classic style very much like Minecraft, so it does not seem realistic and high quality. In return, the game does not require the configuration too large so you can download without worrying about the configuration of your phone. I think everything in the game is simulated pretty funnily, cute. In addition, you can create clans to play with friends or make friends, interact with other players. Fighting side by side your friend will be great memories!

Download Craft Warriors

Overall, Craft Warriors is a very interesting game, allowing you to build your own city. Taking the magic ship to fly high and enjoy a new life in the city you create. Before that, don’t forget to download Craft Warriors via the links below.

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