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Even if you are a game enthusiast, you probably have not heard of Metroidvania. This is a name for games that combine elements from the classic Metroid and Castlevania games – both elements of the platformer, and adventure. And now, the independent developers on the App Store have taken the Metroidvania category to new heights.

The game Dandara from the development team of Long Hat Games (Brazil) and the publisher of Raw Fury is one of the best examples of the new breeze in the gaming industry. Although it is a small group, Long Hat Games has created a stylish game with a new, yet very natural and smooth control mechanism, and reverses the traditions available (sometimes literally).


Something is wrong with the world. The legendary warrior Dandara awakens to bring balance to the universe. When you lead Dandara through 16-bit unique graphics, you’ll quickly realize that this is an extraordinary adventure.


Give your warrior fly all the way.

Use your left hand to pull back, aim, and let go of the hand so Dandara jumps from one place to another. She can manoeuvre from floor to ceiling and anywhere in between, as long as she has the right place to go down. With your right hand, shoot the monkeys to destroy the warriors and monsters that surround you, from floors and ceilings to the walls.

Other games use similar controls, but Dandara’s gameplay is faster, more responsive, and more diverse. When you give the character a shot at the same time as the shot at the opponent, you will see that everything goes smoothly – as if the game was created from scratch for touchscreen, not Just adjust the fit well suited.

Dandara 2
The intuitive touch controls make it easy to move and fight.

A smart camera system continues to follow Dandara as she continually races in a vast world that requires you to look at the map for directions. And when the warrior flew through a door into a new area where everything was upside down, the camera automatically changed the angle to match the scene.


Dandara 3
Underneath Dandara’s retro-styled graphics is a very modern control mechanism.

And underneath the creative mechanisms, it’s a game designed to impress. Dandara is stylish and attractive. Everything in the game, from weapon effects to background details, is subtle. The design of this game is also curious and mystical for those who like to explore.

Dandara 4
The levels will vary according to Dandara’s perspective.

A new storyline and skill upgrade system that allows characters to develop and unlock new areas, as well as more engaging battle scenes. Dandara is proof that game genres, which are still considered difficult to develop for mobile devices, can shine in the right direction. This is not an easy game, but for those willing to learn the complexity of it, Dandara is extremely worthwhile.

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