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  • Platforms: Android 4.4+ iOS 9.0+
  • Size: 95M
  • Latest Version: 1.24.0


A knight with armor and sword, he walks alone into an ancient castle, where there are millions of monsters. But he was not scared, he smiled very coolly and walked in. That’s what I can think of when someone mentions Darkness Rises, a famous RPG around the world. The original name of the game is Dark Avenger 3, but when released, Nexon has changed its name to not coincide with part 2 of the publisher Gamevil. In this game, you will enjoy the classic battle between warrior and monster on the most modern graphical platform.

The power of graphics

Darkness Rises graphics

The first highlight that I can mention is the graphics. This is also one of the most appealing elements of this game. The game possesses high-quality 3D graphics, with the help of advanced technology Unreal Engine 3, which makes every detail in the game is very real, lively. A lot of special effects when the character is fighting with monsters, especially when the sword cuts down. Although this is just a mobile game, Darkness Rises makes me feel like a PC, console game.

The view in the game is perfectly optimized, giving you the most comprehensive view through which to make the right decision in the battle. Moreover, the publisher also intimately intermixed the videos are meticulous.

I feel the graphics of the game is amazing.¬†Along with that, it’s not hard to understand when Darkness Rises requires that your device has configured high enough to experience the game perfectly.

You can admire the graphics power through the trailer below:

A typical RPG

Darkness Rises‘s gameplay style is not much different from other RPGs. The whole game is a “one live, one die” battle between warriors and monsters. You will have to deal with a lot of monsters at the same time. They will surround and find ways to kill you, so you must use your strongest skills to survive. Not to mention huge bosses, bigger and stronger than you are. Do not be scared, go straight ahead and finish them. This fight will be very long so you have to choose a character that suits you to fulfil all the challenges of the game.

Darkness Rises gameplay

The character system is relatively small. There are currently only three main characters that correspond to three different strengths for you to choose from including Kenneth (Warrior), Bella (Wizard) and Hector (Berserker). Berserker uses a large, muscular body with extremely powerful attacks, however, his speed is rather slow. Warriors are faster, more comprehensive, but their skills do not have much damage. But my favourite is Wizard. Bella is a beautiful, sexy girl with long-range tactics, suitable for Hit and Run tactics.

In addition, there are many mysteries and special features in the game. For example, in the first chapter, you will ride a fire dragon spit fire down all the monsters below. This is probably one of the most memorable moments in Darkness Rises.

Darkness Rises, a perfect game

If you are worried about not understanding the features in the game, don’t worry, the game will teach you how to play and how to upgrade equipment.

There is no argument about the popularity of this game. I believe that Darkness Rises will be one of the best RPGs in 2018. What are you waiting for? Let take your sword and kill some monsters.

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