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Have you ever played the action game Dash Quest yet? Now that the publisher of Tiny Titan Studios has decided to launch the sequel to the action game series with the game called Dash Quest Heroes. You will continue the journey full of thorns, dangerous, accompanied by the familiar knight, rescue the kingdom. The game possesses attractive gameplay style in combination with simple 2D graphics, fun. Are you ready to embark on an adventure in this imaginary world?


Dash Quest Heroes plot

Dash Quest Heroes has a familiar ancient storyline that appeared in the Dash Quest game. You are a brave knight, living in the vast Solas kingdom. Here, people live with the gods in the legend. Not only that, the kingdom exists many evil monsters, ready to rob, kidnap people. One day, the evil Zaru lord came with the monsters to attack the villages and bring innocent people. There are also close friends of the knight. He took his sword, went to find the monster Zaru destroy, save people and the kingdom. Only the bravest knights can become legendary.

You will be able to adventure in the vast Solas world when playing Dash Quest Heroes. Fight the monsters that are always on your way. The hills, forests or mysterious caves, … a lot of dangerous traps waiting for you on this journey. You are the hope of the whole kingdom.


Dash Quest Heroes gameplay

Like other games like Timing Hero VIP or Cat Quest. Your task in the game is controlling the knight, fight the monsters. You will be instructed to fight under the game’s mission system, thereby opening up the plot, find valuable trophies. In addition, you will encounter many interesting characters as you pass through the final stages of the chapter, especially the knight’s friend. They will reveal to you the next steps to lead to Zaru. Pass through all the hundreds of levels in Dash Quest Heroes to clear the island.


You have the right to choose your own character. The game provides many characters for you. Includes Dash, Warrior, Mage or Rogue. Each character possesses a different weapon and tactics, depending on your style. I like Warriors because this guy owns a very large sword, with the skill of cutting the wind. Dash Quest Heroes also allows you to upgrade up to 50 levels to maximize your power. Also, you can completely customize your hero’s appearance. Is not it great? Look for powerful accessories in this game by fighting gold and buying them in the shop.

Dash Quest Heroes weapons

Game modes

In addition to the familiar story mode, Dash Quest Heroes also allows you to compete with friends online through Leaderboards. In particular, Dash Quest Heroes owns a number of exciting minigames such as Fishing, Archery, Mine Madness to give you the chance to earn more equipment as well as entertainment after intense battles. However, I think Dash Quest Heroes should update the Map feature so that characters can easily move in such a large world.

16-bit Graphics

Dash Quest Heroes screenshot

Dash Quest Heroes is designed using 16-bit graphics, featured in popular addictive games. The characters look very fun. In addition, the sound effects and the music that inspires your gameplay up a lot.

Download  Dash Quest Heroes APK MOD

Are you ready to become a legendary hero and ready to explore the vast world of the kingdom of Solas in this exciting adventure game? Download Dash Quest Heroes APK MOD and defeat the evil Zaru, collect valuable items and become legendary!

Dash Quest Heroes is not an RPG, nor is it a pure auto-runner game. It’s new and fun, supporting both iOS and Android platforms. Here are links to download the game. If you would like to use the MOD version, please remember that if you play MOD, you can not sign in with Google Play, which can only be played on your device. The features of the MOD include More gold, SuperMode.

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