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Have you ever heard the name Leatherface, a serial killer on old horror movies? His favourite weapon is a sharp saw blade used to cut and peel leather of the victim’s face. If you are looking for a game that has similar content to this movie, let try Dead Light, a very attractive product of the publisher OneTonGames. The game will give you the feeling of being a serial killer or a victim of him. Believe me! You will not want to play this game at night.

Mystery story

Dead Light killers

This game revolves around four main characters, each with their own story, but one thing in common is that they are all mysteriously disappeared.

  • Alice Moore is a very beautiful girl. She is extremely popular at the school she studied and always attracted the attention of all boys. However, after a night party on the summer vacation, no one saw her again …
  • The same thing happened to Kate Darkwood. This girl is not as pretty and famous as Alice. She has a job at a small cafe, though she doesn’t like this job but it still better than unemployment. One day, Kate worked until late to check the bill, and she did not go to work the next day …
  • Harry Horn is a very successful businessman. Everyone remarks that he is a friendly person, kind, but quite strange because he usually walks at night. Like the two girls, he also completely disappeared into the night.
  • Edward is the man of the family like every other man. His happy family includes his wife and two young children. He is also a hardworking veterinarian, love animals. One month ago, an emergency call in the middle of the night asked him to go to the clinic immediately. Without hesitation, Edward took the car and headed off to the clinic, but the call was not normal at all.

How to play

Dead Light survival

Dead Light has the same gameplay as Horrorfield. To start a match, you have to wait a while for the system to pair you with four other players, then you will be assigned a random role.

If you are the killer, your task is simply to find all the players and kill them, not giving them the chance to escape. If you are not careful, the rest of the players will save your victims and you have to keep looking for them again. In this role, they can’t attack you, so you are free to show your bloodthirsty abilities.

The four remaining roles are much more interesting. You have to flee the killer while looking for the generator to open the gate, escaped from this scary cemetery. However, to find it is not easy because the game designs them in mysterious places like bushes or behind the graves. Also, do not forget to rescue other players when they are caught, but beware, you will probably have the same fate as them.

Horror graphics

Dead Light graphics

Graphics, light and sound are indispensable elements that make a great horror product, and Dead Light will not disappoint you. The dark night scene combined with dim light will make your heart attack when the killer appears with a saw blade in his hand. 3D graphics make the game more authentic and scary. You should wear headphones to experience the game perfectly.


Overall, Dead Light is a perfect horror game. Do not play at night if you do not want your scream to wake people around!

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