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  • Platforms: Android 4.0+ iOS 8.1+
  • Price: $11.99
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Put yourself in the zombie fighting game fascinating. Death Road to Canada is a simple RPG action RPG with pixel graphics, bringing endless fun to the players. This game has long been on iOS devices (Rocketcat released), but recently publisher Noodlecake Studios has officially brought Android version support for players.

This game brings us back to childhood when it gives us the feeling to play the legendary games like Gunstar Heroes, Contra … In my opinion, this is really a very addictive game and can say this is a game that is the best zombie game on mobile in Jan 2018. Let’s find out why this game is so successful.


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Death Road to Canada is set in the modern-day world. The world you are living a disaster date suddenly appears. The zombie epidemic has spread to everyone around. Every country, every nation, every major city is nearly destroyed by the horrible zombies that are flooding the streets to eat meat, spreading out to living creatures. You are a guy who has more fighting & survival skills than another people, living in a house in the state of Florida. Witness the tragedy, you hear that only Canada is safe. Arranging luggage, armed with equipment, taking the dog and some close friends, all on the “Death Road” ride to Canada. Live or become a zombie? Thousands of dangers are lurking on this journey. Destroy all zombies, rescue the world.


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Death Road to Canada has a zombie-themed action-RPG action game. When playing this game, I have thought immediately to the action shooter series Alien Shooter on PC. Your job is to pick up the weapons on the way or in buildings and go to the places where the game requires.

On the way, 100% sure you have to clash with the zombies. They can be everywhere. Use the weapons you have to kill down the zombies you encounter. Use your skilled fighting skills to survive. If you run out of blood, you will die, and the game will officially end. You will go to heaven, not to Canada. In the early stages, you will encounter fewer zombies, so everything is easy. But later, the zombies will freeze the screen. There are times when I do not know where my character is in this chaotic war because the zombies are also shaped in a variety of styles, clothes, and hairstyles.

Capable of unlocking characters

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The special in Death Road to Canada is the character system. There are a lot of characters for you to unlock, not just a default character like the other games. More specifically, some characters have additional special skills, bringing you to the unexpected experience.

Item system

The weapon system in the game is also extremely diverse. From axes, shovels, baseball bats to firearms, ammunition, or even flamethrowers. All in Death Road to Canada. Also, pick up blood potions along the way to help you heal, increase your survivability. Not only that, you also have a friend and a pet. These characters automatically controlled by the bot, playing the role of supporting you in the zombie battles.

Design, graphics, and sound

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Death Road to Canada was developed based on a simple Pixel background with a dark background similar to Stranger Things, bringing players back to the 1980s in the past. Recently, we have been familiar with the high-end 3D graphics game, Death Road to Canada has really blown a new breath for the action game devotees, bringing the unique new, unique.

The sound is also an interesting highlight when it is as detailed as possible. The sound of the gun is different from the ax or boomerang. Besides, the game also has real stories of Canadians. You will learn a lot more information when playing this game.

My feel

No need for a fancy graphics, easy to play gameplay, and the sound-this game takes us to a new world where war never ends. This game costs $ 11.99, it really deserves the money. You can buy the game from the store or download the game via the link located below.

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