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People often say luck is a part of football. However, have you ever thought that there is a football game that depends entirely on luck? In Dice Soccer City, that can happen. This is a new product of Lamb Damu. In this game, you will play the “unusual” football game.

Maybe you don’t know, Lamb Damu released Dice Soccer in July 2011. So sad, the game has been removed from App Store. Then, right at the time of 2014 World Cup in Brazil begin, version 2 of the game called Dice Soccer League was released, but the results were not very good. And after a long period of testing, the final version of the game is released this year. For those who love and follow the development of Dice Soccer City, the game is worth the wait.

City loves football

Dice Soccer City gameplay

Basically, in Dice Soccer City, you’re a city manager. Your task is to build a beautiful, rich city. More specifically, your citizens must be football lovers so you can build a team of 11 players from them. Build shops, trade centres, stadiums, museums, etc. to improve the quality of the city. This will attract people to live in, and the more money you will earn to upgrade your team or build a bigger stadium.

They are not professional players that can be anyone. From the friendly Baker, the local Butcher to the Postman, even to Grocer, a beautiful girl. There are 75 different characters to choose from for your team. One thing to keep in mind when choosing the main character is the hidden skill. Each character has a hidden ability, which automatically activates in game. For example, Baker will attack the defender every time he dices 3 points. Discover the power of each character, a lot of interesting things are waiting for you.

Dice to kick the ball

Dice Soccer City gameplay 2

If you think this game is similar to Football Manager Mobile 2018 then you are wrong. Dice Soccer City is a combination of three games including city building, soccer and dice. Why is dice here? In each football match, the players confront each other through the dice, not the usual football. If you dice higher scores, your player will overtake the opponent. Next, you will face the goalkeeper. Keep dice, if your score is higher, you will score and vice versa, the goalkeeper will save your shot. I think this game based on luck, very entertaining. You do not need to calculate tactics or techniques, just play and relax.

You can challenge other cities in PvP mode. Create exciting matches, dramatic no less Manchester Derby, or El Clasico. When you win, you will receive many rewards of the game.

8-bit graphics

Dice Soccer City graphics

Unlike other football games, Dice Soccer City‘s graphics are based on the 8-bit platform, which reminds us of old games. Images of players like Ronaldo or Messi are depicted humorous, making you feel funny.


If you love the king sport but are bored the game in the market, Dice Soccer City is a great choice. The game is simple, easy to play and very suitable for entertainment. You will have new experiences in football after playing this game. You can download Dice Soccer City via the links below:

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