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It’s been a long time since the first version of Disc Drivin was released. And this game came back after 8 years of absence. It’s crazy, I never thought it would have the next version. This game made me very excited and immediately made me download from the App Store.

Disc Drivin’ 2 is essentially shuffleboard played across unpredictable courses filled with hazards and booby traps, not to mention opponents who will do whatever it takes to knock you off the tracks.

So basically it’s awesome.

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The original title debuted to widespread acclaim nearly eight years ago, and this long-anticipated sequel stays true—but not too true—to its predecessor.

As you square off against competitors in turn-based battles, the first person to lap the pathways three times wins. Way easier said than done.

disc drivin 2 apk

Swipe your disc and it’ll speed along the courses, bouncing around corners and skidding to a halt with realistic physics. The original game allowed only a single swipe, but this follow-up lets you course-correct midstride with a second nudge, which is helpful if you accidentally spin off track or find yourself sliding toward a set of spikes.

With intuitive, responsive controls, this is one of those games you pick up and fall in love with.

The game needs the strategy

disc drivin 2

Although you may come for the ease of play, you’ll stay for the strategy. Before long, you’ll factor in the inclines and declines of elevated courses, learn the ins and outs of tiles that flip your disc into the air, impale it, or send it slipping farther along. And you’ll use all of these to sabotage your opponents at every turn.

Like its predecessor, this quasi-racer makes it easy to play against others around the globe, but the sequel also features a single-player speed run where the goal is to traverse a stage in record time.

The simplest designs

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The simplest designs often prove the most fun. By that measure, Disc Drivin’ 2 is quite simply the best. The simple design of this game is something I enjoy. It’s light, simple and not sticky. This game makes me feel like playing a paid game.

Sum up

As a Disc Drivin player who has played over 4000 times, I find that this game still needs some improvements besides good points: Many races; Beautiful graphics; New multiplayer modes, daily challenge modes; Plenty of beautiful disc and power-ups. Some points are quite bad as the currency in the game is not stable, the game is not fair.

Disc Drivin ‘2 is really an evolution of a classic game, and I know I will play and stick with it for a long time. If you would like to try, download the game via the link below and join the discussion to share your own ideas.

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