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Divine Paradise

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If you are a person who loves action role-playing games, Dragon Nest is probably not a strange name to you right? Looking for a new experience based on the old values, have you ever wondered if there is another game similar to Dragon Nest that plays on the phone?

Understanding the things that gamers always wished and wanted, I spent time looking for and Divine Paradise is the name I find. Divine Paradise is a beautifully rendered 3D graphics game that you will not find anywhere else. This game is also known as Dragon Nest Mobile.


This game is set in the Middle Ages, in an imaginary world with countless mystical creatures. They came to this world after the star fell to the village. They kidnapped the beautiful girls in the village and devastated their homes. Disgruntled by their extravagant desires, you play as the protagonist, approaching and fighting against these mysterious creatures. Their appearance is just the beginning of an extraterrestrial invasion, and the best people must gather before it’s too late.


Divine Paradise

When you join the game, you will be introduced to one of the five character classes, including Warrior, Magician, Archer, Priest … In each character class, there is a unique fighting style and their skills. For example, you can choose Warrior if you like to fight melee, or Magician, Archer if you want to own far range. Or if you want to choose a hero with a large HP, Priest is the class that you should choose.


Divine Paradise 4

Just like other online role-playing games, you’ll start the game by performing the main tasks that lead the story, then the gaming world will open up with so many exciting things waiting for you to discover. The game world in Divine Paradise is very wide, you will have to adventure from the vast prairie to the dangerous dark dungeon. But there, you will meet new NPCs, receive missions and complete them to redeem rewards.

When encountering mysterious creatures, what to do now is fighting! The combat system in the game is designed as non-target, allowing you to create high-intensity combos. In addition to fighting alone with mysterious creatures, you can set up squads with other players to explore the Dungeons and defeat the giant boss to earn quite a few attractive bonuses.

Divine Paradise 3

The game also features an Arena where you can fight PvP to compare skills with other players or join the Battleground to find the last survivor.

Develop character

Your character will be stronger at each level, and you can also upgrade your equipment or skills to increase your strength. When you reach a certain level, new features will open up, creating new exploration opportunities. Attached to the character system is the Avatar system, where you can customize the look of your character. Beautiful outfits give you a nice, unique look and they also give you strength in the stats.

Divine Paradise 2

Each character has all five primary skills, three skills are unlocked right after you join this world. The remaining two skills can be unlocked when you reach a certain level. Besides, you will also have two special skills that can be used at certain times.

Graphics and user interface

The graphics of Divine Paradise are beautifully designed in the style of PC games. The skills of beautiful characters, you will experience the effect is extremely impressive. Three-dimensional space is built in detail, so you can adjust the angle of view depending on your preferences. Buildings, characters, NPCs, and monsters are designed in casual, easy-to-view colors, bright colors, and details.

The virtual key system in the game is well designed, neat and easy to manipulate, so you can easily perform a variety of combo, optimizing the damage done to the enemy.

The end

Divine Paradise, though only in the beta stage, has achieved great success when a lot of gamers love to play this game. The good news is that Divine Paradise supports both iOS and Android operating systems, so you can download game from stores to experience. Or if you need, you can download Divine Paradise APK if you play on Android.

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