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Dolls Order

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  • Platforms: Android 4.1+ iOS 8.0+
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  • Latest Version: 1.6.1


“You will not be able to find a unique game where the characters in the game are entirely female.” – Maybe this was wrong. I can mention some interesting games where the character is completely female as ZGirl 2 or the game I tell about below.

If you are looking for a new and exciting role-playing game then Dolls Order is probably the name you will like. This is an action-packed mobile game from the famous Japanese publisher Gumi. This game gives players a fun, emotional experience from their unique style of play thanks to fast, powerful and dramatic gameplay.

Fictional story

dolls order story

Dolls Order brings the player into a futuristic world when the planet faces the threat of destruction because of illness, poverty and environmental damage. Particularly human is under the rule of an AI called Arthur. At this point, the female knights must hand to stop the expansion of Arthur. They have to fight the enemy with a powerful army with a lot of power and magic. Only after winning the new hope the earth and humanity out of the disaster that is showing ahead.

Fast-paced gameplay

dolls order gameplay

Dolls Order works in real time. Content and design are supervised by Fullmetal Alchemist Seiji Mizushima. This is a famous director of many classics, in addition to the dialogue is also voiced by two famous actresses Rei Kugimiya and Ai Kayano to help players feel the plot is very interesting if you know Japanese

dolls order characters

As a real-time online game, the gameplay mode in Dolls Order is quite varied when you can fight 1v1, or 2v2. In order to increase the fighting power of each warrior, the player must install a jade tile. In addition, the multiplicity also comes with a variety of character systems that give you more options to suit your hobbies and style of fighting.

dolls order graphics

The game brings you the ultimate in battle 3D graphics. The female characters are beautifully constructed and sexy with many different moves and strengths. Visual effects combined with vivid sound will give the players a sense of who they are watching an animated and engaging movie.

Sum Up

In general, Dolls Order is an easy-to-play Japanese Anime graphics game, beautiful graphics, suitable for gamers who like. You can fake your IP and download the game to experience the Japanese version or download the APK file at the end of the post to install it offline!

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